Just imagine when you are watching IPL on your Samsung TV and suddenly there is a hindrance in the internet connection. Then it starts showing on your TV that ‘Samsung tv error code 107‘ has occurred. It is frustrating for anyone when TV loses the smart hub connection. In order to solve this problem, you should first get the information related to the problem.

Samsung tv error code 107

In this blog, we will discuss How to overcome the Samsung tv error code 107. As we proceed with the blog, we suggest you to check that the firmware has been updated with the latest version.

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What is Samsung tv error code 107?

Samsung tv error code 107

To explain you in simple words, Samsung tv error code 107 is a network error. This issue can be resolved either by turning the TV off and on or by troubleshooting the network connection. In order to gain proper network connection for Samsung TV, you have to change the DNS setting. So, basically when this error comes on your TV, it is a reminder for you to check your internet. The error codes that are displayed on the screen are related with the Samsung TV itself. You will get all the troubleshooting steps required when you follow the error codes as it specifies the fault in TV. Every error codes has different solution as they have unique definitions for themselves.

Causes for error

The causes for these errors are so many that you can’t point a finger to it. But the most common one is due to DNS configuration failure. For instance, if you are using a router for your internet connection then we suggest that you should configure the primary and secondary DNS setting on your home gateway.

The other causes are mentioned below:

  • There is a new app developed for this intelligent hub which is known as Smart home Set-Up. This will bring all the features you require in your hand. All you need to have is an internet connection and this smart hub will connect to everything in your house. You should just ensure that the connection of smart hub is fine.
  • When the WIFI or modem is not detected then you should check the if the internet or WIFI is switched on. Or you can also check that there is no device blocking the signal between devices and smart hub. It is recommended that you should keep a distance between them for a better network.
  • Some simple changes may harm your TV or network in such a way that you will not be able to understand. For instance, when you change your TV settings and you are not sure about it. then you may have caused a permanent damage to your monitor.
  • Most of the times the problem is outdated firmware. You may not but it can cause harm in many ways. For instance, your device’s stability, security and usability.
  • One of the common factor for internet service interruptions is misconfigured DNS servers. You will face problems in browsing websites or anything else which is related to internet when the TVR is unable to resolve domain names correctly. All network services can fail if you have a non-working public DNS server.

Fixing samsung TV error code 107

Give rest to TV/Modem/Router

Sometimes your TV can malfunction because of a bug occuring on your Samsung Home Entertainment System. A quick solution to this problem is rebooting your TV. You don’t have to do much, just switch off your TV then switch it on by using the power button with timer delay.

Steps to power cycle Modem/Router-

  • Turn off the router/modem (use a remote or directly plug it off)
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Plug in again.


Please ensure that your system is updated as new updates keep coming. This may solve your problem.

Steps to update the TV-

  • Open support.
  • Select the update option to update the software.
  • Your system has been updated.

Reset Smart hud

Sometimes there are internal issues with smart hub which cause Samsung error code 107. If you are looking to recover your valuable data then you should consider resetting it entirely. This is an easy and user-friendly process. It will also remove all information and apps which is contained in your smart hub.

Steps to reset Smart hud-

  • Open Support.
  • Select device care and then self-diagnosis.
  • Lastly, select reset smart hud and enter your PIN.

Reset your TV

When you do factory reset, everything returns to default settings either in your phone or on other device. So, your TV will turn brand new after doing this. But don’t worry this will not delete any files. It has many benefits like correcting sound and picture issues and other errors like blank screen and no sound. You have two ways to reset a smart TV to factory settings. The first one being a full reset and the other is partial reset. The full reset will take your TV back to default and may have to enter some things manually after it. On the other hand, partial reset will only remove some personal data while other configuration options will remain enabled.

Steps to reset your TV-

  • Open Settings from the menu of your TV and then select Support.
  • Now click on Self-diagnosis.
  • Choose reset and then enter your PIN number.
  • Confirm by clicking on Yes.

After performing the above steps, the TV has been completely reset. So, you should confirm whether the problem in your TV is resolved or not.


So here we provided all the information on Samsung tv error code 107. What is Samsung tv error code 107. Why is it happening. How to fix it. So we have provided all the information you need. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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