If you are one who has at times eperienced that the vieos that you had saved from Snapchat does not play or load. If you are one who when attempting to play a video finds it constantly loading but doesn’t play up. Then, don’t be concerned, you’re not alone, this problem does come up once in a while and many users have faced this problem, me included. This post is being written with the purpose to show you ways to repair or solve Snapchat Video won’t load or play problem. The various methods to open a Snapchat video that will not play. One thing to look into for you, before you go through the below steps is that you are on the latest version of the Snapchat app.

Snapchat Video Won't Load

The various methods : Snapchat Video Won’t Load Problems Solved

Uninstalling the Snapchat Updates

  • You may also try clearing the Conversations.
  • You’ll get this option in the Snapchat Settings.
  • Under the Account Actions, search for Clear Conversation tap thereon, then select the friend with whom the video snap was shared. Please note that this may remove all the snaps sent and received thereupon friend.
  • If you would like to back your Snaps, you’ll connect your device or phone to your PC or laptop and transfer whatever files or snaps you would like to stay.

Soft and Hard Reset of your device

  • Turning off device sometimes fixes certain related apps problem.
  • Shutdown your device for a couple of seconds, power back your device and see if the matter still exist.
  • If yes then try a tough restart by holding down the lock button and therefore the home button for a couple of seconds.
  • If neither the soft nor hard restart works, try considering performing the below solutions.

Reconnecting the Network

  • No matter what, whether using a Wi-Fi or using the mobile Data, it is possible to time and again face the problem of unstable networks.
  • Bad network connection speed has a negative influence on Snapchat video loading and playing.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to reconnect your network to other stable networks to load the Snapchat videos smoothly.

Clearing the Cache

  • Clearing the Snapchat Cache sometimes does solve certain problems like Camera problem, Camera black screen etc.
  • Deleting the cache data will reset the app to its original state or default settings. This you can do while visiting the Apps Settings.

Removing Your Friends from your Friends’ List

  • Like clearing Conversation, removing your Snapchat friends from your friends list also can solve video playing problems.
  • Tap on the Snapchat Ghost icon, under Add Friends, select or tap on the My Friends.
  • From the List select the person to get rid of. This may be the one with whom you may have share the video snap.
  • But, before you proceed you must backup your snaps to your PC.

Using a Video Player instead

  • Another method to solve the Snapchat video won’t load problem is downloading and installing video player apps.
  • Most of the video players available on the Play Store or App Store will play your Snapchat videos.
  • The favored video players are VLC, MX Player, although, you can try your hand at other apps too.
Snapchat Video Won't Load

Changing the DNS

Changing the Domain Name Server (DNS) is another viable option up your sleeves to fix the problem of video not loading.

►Deep press the “Modify network” icon on your device to get access to the list of available networks.

►Then, go to the “Show Advanced Settings” option and change the IP Settings to “Static”.

►Change the DNS to Google DNS by putting the DNS1 and DNS2 values as and, respectively.

Snapchat videos Not Playing Solution

Re-installing Snapchat

  • To enjoy each and every feature of Snapchat, like loading the Snapchat videos. One needs to be using the latest version of Snapchat always.
  • Thus, you can try re-installing or updating the Snapchat app to the most recent version. This may solve the problem that you face.

Final Words

Now you recognize the trick to load the Snapchat videos that won’t load. You have got to know the various methods and tricks up your sleeves to handle this problem. The thought of using Snapchat in its full fervor is quite charming, indeed. Do remember these problems just surface once in a while, but, still knowing the ways to deal with it beforehand is a boon for the trying times.

Most of your problem questions has been solved here. For any further query or suggestions please post it in comments and I will be readily available for my inputs. Till then see this post on ways to deal with the problem of Snapchat not loading Snaps.

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