The topic up for us to deal with today is What does MIP 67 mean? Now, tell me how many of you have encountered this MIP 67 thing. I guess, many of us will have come across this statement. But, if not, that is if you are anew to this then I, Shubham promise you today that this is your last instance of being aloof to this topic. Because from now on, you will be well aware of this statement. And, also with tSo our topic for today is that the methods to deal with this thing. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s proceed with our agenda then.

What is it?

MIP 67 is a very annoying error faced by many smartphone, android and sprint users. You generally encounter this error when connecting your phone to the internet. But no worries, I am here to give you ways to solve this issue and get your queries resolved.

Proceeding further with what we have come to know till now. In short, the MIP 67 error is the error that doesn’t allow you or basically to say interferes when you try to get access to the web . How do you come to know about it? It is because this error is continuously keeps shooting up . As mentioned, this causes great problems and you are not quite at ease to perform other tasks. This error comes when your device fails to get itself to register with the Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN), a critical component of the CDMA carrier’s network.

So, how to Fix the MIP 67 error?

There are various methods to fix this error. But, it depends on what works for you though. Still, I will discuss quite a few methods to solve this issue and one or more of these methods will get you to transgress your issue and completely resolve it for good.

What does MIP 67 mean

Attempt to resolve connectivity issues

The MIP 67 error, as mentioned, arises thanks to network connectivity issues. One may try changing the APN (Access Point Name) to ascertain if the error persists.

If not, try contacting your internet service provider company and provide them the small print of the matter you’re facing. If it requires, launch a replacement complaint. they’re going to be looking into your complaint and resolve the matter for you.

Restart your device

Sometimes some bug or temporary glitch results in the explanation for many errors. If so, restarting the device may solve the error. Try restarting your smartphone and after it starts back, attempt to hook up with the web . If some temporary glitch was causing this error, it might have gotten fixed.

Perform a system update

Though not obvious, sometimes network errors just like the Mip 67 arise thanks to backdated system. If you’ve got tons of pending updates, then consider updating your device. This is often because every update contains some minor or major bug fixes and security patches. So, staying within the latest updated version is extremely important to stay these annoying errors away.

Head on to Settings > System > System Updates and download updates. If you’re in need of data, add on some data but complete downloading the update to ascertain if the matter resolves.

Troubleshoot and alter the network mode

  • Head on to Settings > Networks tab > More > Mobile Networks > Network mode > Select LTE/CDMA > Click OK. Please note that the precise pathway might not be an equivalent for all devices. Changing the network mode to the right one allows your device to connect to the internet.
  • After you’re done changing the Network mode, you would like to update the service.
  • Here are the steps to try to to it. Head on to Settings > General tab > System updates > Update Profile. After updating the profile, test the service and see if the error persists. If it doesn’t, then the matter is solved.
  • Read along as we keep unveiling the remainder of the methods to undertake to repair the MIP 67 error.

Update the PRL

  • Get back to stock if you’re running a custom ROM or kernel.
  • You got to confirm that your ESN and SIM numbers are matching. A mismatch can produce to several nasty errors aside from the Mip 67 alert.
  • Again as mentioned earlier, MIP 67 error also can arise if there’s no data coverage in your area. during this case, you would like to call up your Service provider and launch an invitation to line up an online tower within a smaller range of your home.
  • Update your device’s PRL.
  • To update the PRL, you’ll follow the subsequent steps.
  • Head on to Menu > Settings. Let the Settings window open up.
  • Once the Settings window opens, scroll down and locate “Update PRL”.
  • In the confirmation panel that appears, click OK. await your device PRL to urge updated then check if the Mip 67 error persists.

Pull out your Battery and re-insert it

This method might sound a touch strange, but it’s said to be working in many cases cut your phone. Then, you’ll ask your device manual to ascertain the part to tug bent uncover your battery. Pull out the outer cover then slowly remove your battery. Then, insert your battery back to its slot. turn on your phone again and check out connecting to the web . The error could be gone now.

Change your MSID

If none of the above methods work, you’ll be using the incorrect MSID till now. MSID stands for Mobile Station ID, which may be a mobile number .

  • To get the right MSID, contact your service provider and ask them for the MSID. Replace the first MSID with the one that’s provided by the corporate .
  • Next, type ##847446# and tap Edit.
  • After that, tap telephone > OK > MSID.
  • Once you reach here, replace the required numbers with the one provided by your service provider. Then, tap Done.
  • After completion, reboot your device. this may save and update the new changes. You won’t be getting the MIP 67 error again.

Factory data reset

This is the ultimate fix to each problem at the value of all of your data. If taking a Wi-Fi connection or churning to a different data provider isn’t your choice, then the sole option left is to perform a reset. Note that, whilst performing a knowledge reset, all of your important data is deleted. So, it’s always advised to require a backup of your data before performing a reset. A factory data reset will delete all of your data and hence will probably fix the MIP 67 error.


In this post, we got ourselves acquaint with What does MIP 67 mean? What is it? How to deal with the MIP 67 error, its cause and some few great methods to deal with this problem and repair the error to get ourselves free of hassles. There are many ways discusses in this post, try out for yourself what works the best and the most appropriate for you, the ample options provided are just to give you options to choose from.

By and through this article, thus, I suppose I have made myself pretty clear. But, in case, you still have some doubts lingering. Then, please do write to me in the comments section and I am as always, ever-ready to help you. And, also solve your many queries and problems.

Until then bidding you Good-Bye !!! Ok, wait ….. before you go, you may check out my various other posts. Also, for the simple reason, that is, to enhance your knowledge on various other topics of importance. Also, where ??? Here…… 

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