The picture messages are popularly referred to as multi-media messages or MMS in short. Thus, MMS is the technology which permits people to send picture messages from Android phones. Have you been attempting to send a family photo via text to your granny, who doesn’t use a mobile phone but to no avail? Also, is your Android mobile phone stopping working to send MMS to contacts? Thus, this post will give out useful repairing suggestions to fix the problem why can’t I send picture messages on my android. Following the steps mentioned in this post, you will be able to send picture messages in no time.

Why does the problem occur?

Well, these problems generally surface due to various reasons like software problems or also, maybe thanks to network issues. If you’ve got faced an equivalent situation then don’t panic. Just read this blog wherein you’ll get a number of the simplest ideas to repair Android device that won’t send picture messages thus.

Why can't I send picture messages on my Android

How To Fix “Why Can’t Send I Picture Messages On Android”?

Well, this problem is extremely common among users but there’s nothing to lose hope. Here are some possible solutions which will help you out in your problem.

Restart Your Phone

The simple solution for this error is to restart your device. This is often a standard technique to unravel such quite issues or errors. Simply hold the power button for a couple of seconds and choose the power off option.

Click on the choice and await a while unless the device is totally transitioned . After a while, again turn your device on and check out to send MMS from your phone. See if the error occurs again, if yes then move to subsequent solution.

Wipe Cache And Data Of Messaging App

When such quite error messages occur then it’s important to delete device cache and data. The matter are often thanks to stored cache that corrupts and shows error while sending MMS.

Here are the steps to clear messaging app cache and data:

  • Click on Apps menu then attend Settings
  • Now attend Apps and choose Application Manager. Then move down and attend default messaging app
  • Next, click on Storage option > then click on Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • After doing these, attend Home screen and check out to send MMS again.

Check which phone do you have following this article.

Check Whether MMS Is Enabled

This is often the vital step when using the MMS facility. Remember that when your device MMS setting isn’t correct then you’ll encounter error messages. So check the steps to enable MMS service:

  • First, attend Settings on the phone
  • Then click on More Settings/Mobile Data/Mobile Networks
  • Now click on Access Point Names
  • Here you’ve got to insert APN settings

Check Whether Mobile Data Is Turned On Or Not

It’s vital to see whether the mobile data is switched on or not. Here are the steps to see:

  • First, open Settings on your phone
  • Then choose Connections > Data usage (For lower Android version, attend Settings > select Wireless and networks)
  • Now check Mobile Data is switched on or not

Check Signal Strength

Many times when the network connection is poor then things can fail . Though your device is connected to data connection but you can’t send picture messages. This happens when there’s a weak network connection. So, during this situation, first check the bars of network. However, the network will vary from area to area but when it’s not strong then you’ll face such a problem. Therefore, your network connection generally plays a very important role in sending or receiving MMS. So you ought to check whether there’s a robust connection or not.

Do Soft Reset

Another important solution which will assist you to repair the error is by performing soft reset of your phone. Many of us think that soft reset is of no use but it can actually, really improve the performance and can fix various bugs.

So whenever you fail to send picture messages on Android then once attempt to do a soft reset. Simply pull the phone’s battery and leave for 45 seconds. After about, 45 seconds, put your phone’s battery to the device then see if the issue resolves or not.

Activated Data Plan

It may happen that your data plan isn’t active on your phone. This is what causes the experience of you not being able to send picture messages on Android. So you ought to verify this whether the info plan is active on your phone or not.

Check Settings And Reset APN

When you encounter MMS isn’t working issue then you ought to attempt to configure APN settings. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone > click on “Wireless and Mobile Networks” and choose More option
  • Now click on Access Point Name and attend Menu. Here press APN option or + icon and you’ll get an option of “new APN create/modify the field”
  • Then, fill all the choices as needed to network providers like Name, APN, MMSC, Username & Password then select setting options “Internet+MMS” or “default,supl, MMS”
  • Now press Save option from the menu. Just select new APN and restart your phone. That’s it.

Do Factory Reset

When nothing helps you to affect things then the ultimate thing to do is a factory reset. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, attend Settings > Backup and Reset
  • Here confirm you’ve got click on Backup my data option
  • After that, click on Settings > Backup and Reset and choose Factory Data Reset.
  • Then follow the reset process and your device will become new as before.

You can also do a master reset of your device. Master reset can assist you to repair MMS not performing on Android. Remember that this may delete the whole files from the phone. So, before you progress ahead, kindly copy all essential data.

Why can t I send picture messages on my Android


We have thus, discussed the various simple and easy repair methods to fix the error of why can’t I send picture messages on Android. Hopefully, the above mentioned solutions will help users also obviate the error message easily. Though the manual methods are useful for a fast fix, you can also use the Android Repair software.

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