Why my tiktok videos are not getting views is a question a lot of people are asking. Who want to do well but not getting the views. Tiktok videos craze came but never disappeared. As the popularity kept growing, the app has also maintained precautions and guidelines for better entertainment. However, users are complaining that their videos are not getting enough views despite their efforts.

Why my tiktok videos are not getting views

And you keep thinking, ‘Why my tiktok videos are not getting views?’ Not getting view on videos with no effort and content can happen but some of the makers efforts are going to waste. But now we have come to your rescue and you don’t have to worry anymore. All your videos will be trending in no time after you make some small corrections.

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Why my tiktok videos are not getting views? How to fix it

Why my tiktok videos are not getting views

Sometimes even after 24 hours, the views on your TikTok videos remain zero. This may be because your video is in conflict with some guidelines of the app. So here we are listing some of the reasons and solutions to get you your well-deserved views on videos:

1. Newcomer on the app

When you make a new profile on Tiktok, it restricts your activities for sometime just to ensure that your account is genuine and not fake. This is the reason you may not get views even after 24 hours of posting it. The activities of a new account cannot be trusted easily and they are under surveillance. Therefore, you need to build up your profile first and then post afterwards. You can start by updating your description, adding a display picture and get used to the app by scrolling through it.

2. Initial five videos didn’t perform well

Even after following the precautions mentioned above your videos are not getting the attention then the problem is different. It is because of the fact that your initial five videos could not perform well on the platform. The views on your sixth video get limited by the app if your initial video were not able to grab the audience’s attention. So, try to understand the appropriate time to post your video. This is one of the important things which people miss. They should post at the time when people are active and that is mostly in the evenings.

3. Inappropriate content

One of the main reason that people forget is that video containing inappropriate content such as violence will not survive the day. It can even get banned by the TikTok app. Also, on other social media apps to as the guidelines have become stricter. So, please ensure that your videos don’t have any hint of inappropriateness in them. They will not get the desired views as the app will restrict it. And audience will not be able to see it. In the worst case scenario, your account may get deleted by TikTok.

4. Less engaging videos

There is a completion rate in TikTok which refers to actually how many people actually watched your video till the end. So, if your video had low completion rate in initial then your videos will not be able to reach the vast audience out there. You can increase this rate by posting videos on trending topics or boomerangs which the people will watch till the end. You need to ensure that your initial videos are short which will do the trick for you.

5. Multiple accounts

Normally, people make only one account on TikTok as many accounts are not necessary. But if you are keeping multiple accounts on your phone then you should be careful. Because your activities on one account will affect the other account. For instance, your one account is penalized for any wrongdoings then the other account on your phone will also feel it. So, ensure to keep your act straight on all the profiles if you have more than one. It will be best if you have only one account on TikTok.


So if you have a worry about why my tiktok videos are not getting views? Then you have come to the right place. We have provided you with solutions that you can when you to fix why my tiktok videos are not getting views? Hope you find this information useful. Thank You for the read.

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