Wireshark for android is the most popular free packet analyzer. If you are aware of the term network communication you must have heard about WireShark. If you are using Wireshark you can look into anyone’s network that isn’t protected. But it is one of the best network analyzer tools of people and now the sad news. It is not available on android. No don’t be sad this doesn’t mean you cannot track. The network monitor or capture network packets on your Android smartphones.

Wireshark for android

So here are some of the best Wireshark for android alternatives that you can download. If you want to monitor traffic and analyze packets, you must have searched for the best Wireshark alternatives as well. Therefore, we thought about discussing some of the best alternatives to Wireshark available for Android. All of these are free to use and easy to get a grip on.

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Why network sniffers require root access in Android?

Now before we go into the alternatives you should know that all. The network sniffers requires root access to capture packets. The reason of the monitor mode is that you can see the packets being transmitted over. The network when running a packet sniffer tool in promiscuous mode. If they are not properly protected and they can easily read and analyzed.

With windows computers they have this feature require a separate WiFi adapter to enable promiscuous mode. While the MacOS has an inbuilt function of promiscuous mode. Android can also use the in built  WiFi adapter for promiscuous mode. But the manufacturer of the androids disable the function to stop the misuse. But this can be bypassed through the root access. In short, without root, you can only monitor traffic from your device. Also for obvious reasons, most of the following apps are not available on Google Play Store.

Wireshark for android best alternatives in 2021:


This is the first word that comes to our mind and anyone who has some knowledge in network communication. It is cloud shark although they work in a different way but it is Wireshark for android best alternatives. It is a platform that is web based where you can see all your network-related problems.

It also behaves like a dropbox where you can drag and drop as many files as you want. It is very easy to use and will surprise you with its unexpected results.

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Nmap is a popular open source network scanner for android as well as desktop. Nmap works well for both rooted and unrooted android. But you will get more functions and range in rooted android.

Wireshark for android

The only disadvantage that you can get is Nmap is not directly available on the play store or its official site. You have to make it work by running some of the commands. Either using ADB or a third-party terminal emulator like Su/Root Command. If there is message of permission denied make sure you have given all the permission to the Nmap.

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cSploit can be considered as one of the best MetaSploit for Android. It is one of the best penetration tools that you can get out there. Tools specially designed for advanced and heavy users. cSploit is very efficient at its work and also simple. It can collect and see the host fingerprints. It can also create a map of the entire local system. cSploit can also create TCP and UDP packets, execute MITM attacks, etc.

Moreover it also allows DNS spoofing, redirection of traffic, hijacking sessions, and more.

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Android tcpdump:

Wireshark for android

It is a simple command line prompt for android. So, we can tell you that it is not user friendly. For linux users it can feel like any other day at the job. As they already live in the command line and already faced tcpdump.

The phone needs terminal access and should be an rooted android.  For that, you will need terminal emulators and there are many available in the Play Store.

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Wireshark for android

Netmonster is very helpful in a way that it will help you track the unwanted signals received and sent at the nearby station. It can all the signals from CI, eNB, CID, TAC, PCI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, TA, EARFCN, Band+. And can deliver it to your phone without any problem. You can use this important information in network testing and penetration attacks.

Netmonster will collect all the data from the nearby network and they won’t have a clue about it. NetMonster is completely free and there are no ads either. Just use it and collect and analyze all that data.

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 Packet Capture:

Wireshark for android

Unlike the cSploit packet capture works on local VPN as a dedicated app and it records network traffic. You can also use its MITM attacks to decrypt the SSL communications. It provides it user with more accuracy as it uses the local VPN system. And there few good news that comes with it that it can also work without any root permission. It is also free of cost. This can be one of the best Wireshark for android.

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Wireshark for android

It is basically a android app that is basically used computer security researchers and network administrators. It provides its users with all sorts of different features and information that is not available elsewhere. Features such as UPnP Device Scanner, Network Sniffer, Pcap Analyzer, Access Point Scanner, Internet vulnerability Scanner, etc.

Now some of the good news it completely free and also ad free. It is a multi purpose tool that can be intended for computer security professionals and other users. Who are a bit advanced and who wish to monitor the networks they own or have permissions.

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Mojo Packets:

It is a simple to use GUI-based approach to handle and view all the speakers going over the internet. If you are a system admin and want to check which packets originate from a device and go to a web server, this app gives the best graphical approach. Also, the user interface is quite similar to that of Wireshark Android.

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We have provided you details of different Wireshark for android. How they are different from each other and how all they work. So hope you find what you looking for here. Thank You for the read.

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