YouTube isn’t working on chrome is now a days becoming a common problem. Many users have reported that there YouTube hangs on the chrome. It does it sometimes for no reason at all. Most of the people can’t tell what is causing this problem as it happens very suddenly. The solution might be as simple as changing your internet connection. It can also be as tedious as  resetting browser or app data on the browser and application levels.

Youtube isn't working on chrome

So it can be both so we will discuss about possible solutions of Youtube isn’t working on chrome. The major causes are browser data issues and disabled JavaScript are usually the chief causes. So now let’s discuss the major causes of and how to fix them with ease.

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You can also download chrome from here with just one click.

Major Causes of Youtube crash:

These following problems might be the cause of your Youtube isn’t working on chrome. You might have to address the following problem to fix your major Causes. Here the problems:

  • Slow internet connections that you can change.
  • orrupted local data in the web browser.
  • Incompatible browser extensions.
  • Disabled JavaScript.
  • Problems with your internet service provider (ISP) or home network equipment.

How to fix Youtube isn’t working on chrome:

Now before we go in depth and we should tell you that you should update your chrome to latest version. This will only work if chrome is updated because the older versions might cause problem.

1: You can Close and restart Chrome

If you have multiple chrome windows open then you should close all the windows. If it still doesn’t work then you have to force quit the chrome application from the task manager that shuts it down completely.

Youtube isn't working on chrome

2: Activating JavaScript

Javascript is one of the features that causes Youtube isn’t working on chrome. So if you have it disabled just enable and your chrome will start working fine.

Youtube isn't working on chrome

3: Turn off hardware acceleration and enable JavaScript:

This hardware acceleration can cause problems and it can sometimes prevent videos from playing. So this is one of the major issues of Youtube isn’t working on chrome.

Youtube isn't working on chrome

4: Clearing the cache and the Cookies

You can clear the cache and cookies as cookies can corrupt the data and it can danger the Youtube isn’t working on chrome. So once you get rid of cookies and cache it can get rid of corrupted data that can prevent YouTube from working in Chrome.

Youtube isn't working on chrome

5: You can use incognito mode:

The incognito mode in the chrome cant stop other sites from stopping you. But it can prevent external extensions that you have downloaded on your chrome to stop interfering with your youtube thus it can be done to solve the problem.

Youtube isn't working on chrome

6: Reboot your WiFi

You can just reboot your Wifi by unplugging them from the power source and plugging them back in.

7: Check your internet connection:

You can also check your internet speed with an online speed tool. If it’s too slow, take steps to speed up your connection.

8: Resetting Google Chrome:

You can also reset your chrome which shuts all the system down and you can restart again.

9: Removing and installing again chrome:

You can also remove and install chrome again to make it work better.


We have provided you with different methods to fix when your Youtube isn’t working on chrome. There are several different things you can try to fix your youtube it’s not a big deal. Something here and there and it will be fixed it is just not a major issue just an minor glitch. Hope you find this useful. Thank You for the read.

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