Did you ever come across a problem such as “CMHProvider has stopped working” ? Now you are clueless as to why your Gallery has stopped working and also you are getting these sort of messages as “CMHProvider has stopped working” every moment here and there. Nowadays, technology gets to play a very big role. People are always hooked in into their mobile phones. They are also one moment or the other taking selfies and picture using their phone camera. But what if you get to see that the gallery is not opening and you aren’t able to access your pictures you just clicked with someone special. Oh Gosh! How would that feel? So, here I am going to discuss about the “CHM Provider” error and also give you solutions to fix the problem.

CHM Provider — What is it?

The CHM Provider android application is, to place it plainly, an application coordinated by a gathering of highlights intended for the Gallery and Highlight player applications. Generally, there are numerous clients getting some information about the utilization of this application on android devices and once during a while on account of certain mistakes. One might wonder what does the term highlight player applications mean? So, for basic understanding the video highlights or the memory lane highlights which crop up in your gallery or any photo application depends on CHM Provider.

CHM Provider Error Fix

One method to fix the issue at hand is given below :

  • VIsit the Settings option
  • Then, Search “CMHProvider” in Apps
  • Go to Storage
  • Now, clear cache and data
  • Finallly, rerun the app

Another way of fixing the issue is :

  • Visit Settings
  • Search for CHM Provider App
  • Clear Cache and Force Stop the app
  • Probably, now your problem is solved and you get a fix to the issue

CHM Provider removal safe or not?

It is not the correct thing to uninstall this app because it will also in turn affect the other dependent apps to malfuncton. As a matter of fact, clients whine about this application since it abruptly shows an error saying that the appliance has halted. So, it’s better to not force stop this application if you’re only using the built-in gallery provided by the phone. If you employ photos provided by google then I can say it’s okay to force stop CMHProvider.


This Android service exploits the Linux client-based assurance to acknowledge and detach application resources. It also disconnects applications from each other and shields applications. Therefore, the framework from infected applications is also disconnected. Android allocates a one-of-a-kind client ID (UID) to each Android application and runs it in its own cycle to implement this thing.

One specific interest is to allocate an application an exceptional UID. We can do this by proclaiming android:shared”android.uid.xxxx” within the AndroidManifest.xml.

Now, what is AndroidManifest.xml ?

It is a file which contains data of your bundle, including parts of the appliance like exercises, administrations, broadcast beneficiaries, content suppliers then on.

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What if the Problem Persists even after fixing CHM Provider

Now let’s get to the purpose where your gallery remains not working in spite of fixing the CHM Provider, then here are the items you ought to do :

Gallery and Camera Data Clean-up

  • Go to Settings > Then Apps. Go to, All apps > Gallery > Clear Data and Cache.
  • Once everything’s cleared, just click on Force Stop.
  • Now attend Camera > Clear Cache and Data then click on force stop.
  • Hereafter all that you simply require to try to to is restart your gadget and check if the mix-up fixes.

Media Storage Clean-up

  • Locate to Settings
  • Then go to Apps.
  • Furthermore, Go to, All apps
  • Then, Media Storage
  • Finally, Clear Data and Cache.
  • Presently, restart your contraption and check if it tackles the goof.
CHM Provider

App Preferences Reset

  • Go to Setting > Apps. Go to, All the Apps > Find the Menu button and click on thereon .
  • You will see diverse choice > Tap on “Reset application inclinations”
  • An exchange box will show up > Read the substance and click on on Reset Apps
  • Presently Restart your gadget and check on the off chance that it fixes your blunder.

SD Card Clean-up

  • Sometimes, deleting some files like any recording or some old pictures also at times fix the issues of Gallery has stopped working.
  • Do, this and most probably you will good to go and visit your pictures in the Gallery the next time around.

Deleting save section from the Recovery Mode

  • Switch off your device
  • Then, enter into the Recovery Mode by simply pushing the facility buttons together.
  • Select wipe store parcel
  • Then go to power catch and it’ll at that time begin cleaning the reserve.
  • A message comes up after the fulfillment
  • Finally, select reboot framework now and it’ll begin rebooting your gadget.
  • Thereafter, you are good to go.


Ideally, we have discussed various methods to solve the issue of CHM Provider or the Gallery has stopped working issue. Now, that there are various methods prescribe in this post. Follow the steps which best suits you and get your problem solve. Also, do tell me in the comments section which method(s) o worked the best for you to resolve your issue. Till then meet you the next time around !!!

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