We all know that there are quite a few things on the internet. Those are straight-out crazy, and Tumblr comes into that list. You can scroll down the dashboard endlessly, but you will never get bored of it. There are things like clever political satire or the latest movie spoilers. And it is needless to say that you can be glued to it for hours and hours. Secondly, it can get irritating very fast for you.  Yes, Tumblr’s appeal lies in the fact that you never know what to expect. But can you do anything about those posts that you really dislike? You can block things, so here are the ways by which you can know how to block tags on Tumblr.

But don’t worry there features that you can use to make your time more interesting and less irritating. Tumblr has tags based on categories and you can categorize your search based on that. So without further ado, let’s see how you should go on to learn How to block tags on tumblr. But first, let’s figure out how Tag Filtering works.

How does tag filtering works on Tumblr?

Tumblr is like any other tagging system. It keeps things simple. If you are a regular content creator, you can create tags from scratch depending upon your post, and the type of content people are searching for. It constantly following tags can prompt to show the tags that weren’t related to your search. This is where you need to learn about how to block tags on Tumblr.

To stop this from Happening, Tumblr implemented a filtering system a while ago. By this method, you can block all the posts related to that tag and all the other posts containing the same tag added to them.

Blocked posts will not disappear from your tumblr you can still those posts in your placeholders and on your dashboards. If you made a wrong decision you can just click on the dashboard and if you feel like restoring you can restore the blocks.

When it comes to processing and How to block tags on tumblr on different platforms like android, iOS and windows. But you don’t have to do it across all the platform you can just do it on one and the tumblr will just sync over the blocks across everything.

How to block tags on tumblr?

Blocking Tags on Desktop:

This is not a very big task it just require you to go to settings any changes made to dashboard are reflected immediately there. Now just follow the steps of how to How to block tags on tumblr in windows:

  • Firstly go to the account on Tumblr and then visit the dashboard, click on the account icon and then go to the settings.
  • Now click on the edit option on the bottom left corner. Then add the tag that you want to block. When done, click the Add button.
  •  Insert any other tags that you want to block, and then head back to the dashboard. All posts related to the filtered tags should now be hidden.

How to filter tags on Mobile:

If you filter tags it will just sync over the rest of the platforms. How ever you first you should know how to tags on Tumblr Android or iOS apps quite easily. Just follow these steps and you can do that easily.

  • You have to visit your account. Then tap on the account icon. Then that on the subsequent screen, tap on the cog-shaped setting icon.
  • Tap the option labeled General Settings, and then tap Filtering.
  • After that, tap on the +New option enters what you want to filter into the pop-up box. Now repeat it for any other tags you want to block, and you can head back over to the dashboard.

Alternative on How to block tags on tumblr through chrome extension:

So now if you are looking for an alternate methods to block tags on tumblr here is how you can do that with chrome extension.

  • Just visit chrome on your laptop and computer or directly visit this link to open a chrome web store if you don’t have one.
  • Now in the search box, type ” Tumblr Savior ” and then install this extension and then add to chrome. Make sure it is of the same name, or there might be some issues.
  • After you are done, open the Tumblr on another window.
  • Well, now you see the” Tumblr savior ” extension icon at the top in the chrome browser.
  • Tap on it and add undesired tags to the blacklist which you want to block


Here is How to block tags on Tumblr. Suppose you are irritated by seeing the same thing repeatedly and don’t want to see it again. Here are some of the steps you can follow. So follow these steps to know How to block tags on Tumblr. Hope you find this information useful thankyou for the read.

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