Instagram has the explore feature. it’s a feature that allows you to discover popular Instagram content based on the interest of people you follow. If you don’t like them and clear the feed, here’s the way to reset your Instagram explore feed very easily.

Instagram is really a good platform to look for new content. Unlike other social media apps, Instagram provides algorithmic feeds called “explore feed” that shows a lot of sort of contents you might like.

What’s the need for resetting Instagram’s explore feed?

Resetting your Instagram explore feed isn’t really an honest idea since the contents you’ll see on the explore feed, later on, will be raw because Instagram doesn’t have enough knowledge about what kind of posts you’d like

For example, some people might find they need a lot of workout posts in their Instagram explore feed. even though they’re not understanding or having any interest in working out.

Reset Your Instagram Explore feed

How can we reset Instagram’s explore feed by clearing the search history?

Clearing the search history isn’t a new thing to reset the algorithm to recognizing your previous activities. You’ll also clear search history on Instagram to reset the explore feed algorithm.

Instagram has some simple steps to reset explore feed on Instagram by clearing the search history. The primary way is by deleting it manually from a particular profile and tag.

The other is by deleting all of the search histories completely.

To do this, just open the Instagram app. go to your profile. Tap the hamburger button at the top. Tap Settings.

You can even clear all data completely by tapping Clear All. Choose the option Clear All to confirm. In fact this will reset the explore feed easily.

How to reset your Instagram explore feed?

If you see that your Instagram explore page shows you too much of unrelated content, then you’ll take the only route and just reset your Instagram explore page.

By doing this, Instagram will definitely remove all of the previously collected data and can start showing content associated with your newest searches and entries.

The easiest way to reset your Instagram explore feed is to clear all of your Instagram search histories.

Follow these steps given below to reset Instagram explore feeds:

  • Go to the Instagram app and log in to your account if you haven’t already;
  • Now just tap on the menu icon at the top right corner;
  • From the menu select the option “Settings”;
  • Select the option “Security” then “Search history”;
  • Click on “Clear search history”. By clicking on the clear search history option, it will also delete all of your search histories, and the Instagram explore feed page will be reset consequently.

There are a few ways you could go with this, with the most straightforward one being erasing your search history.

Just go to your Profile -> Settings -> Clear Search History. Instagram will adapt the explore feeds it will also provide you with and you should hopefully be more comfortable with the content presented to you moving forward.

Wrapping Up

However, the issues come once you don’t like some of the content in your explore feed. You will find them as inappropriate, out of your niche, and other reasons that you just want to get rid of those contents from the feed.

Instagram explore feeds work by collecting all the activities of people you follow. If they just like the post, the post would show on your explore feed instantly, despite the Instagram post’s unpopularity.

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