Steam is handily one among the foremost popular gaming apps that permits you to try to to tons quite just play games, as an example , you’ll even create games and discuss within the Steam community. While some games are free play, many advanced games accompany a tag . However, to be one of the members of the Steam community then play games, create or discuss, you want to have a Steam account. But, we sometimes face problems and errors. So, lets discuss ” Steam : Your Response to the Captcha appears to be Invalid ” error.

How to get a Steam Account ?

So, if you would like to check in for a Steam account, you’ve got to fill in your details like your email address, Country of Residence and therefore the Captcha. Now, many Steam users are reporting of facing this issue with the app that while filling the captcha it keeps returning a mistake “Your response to the CAPTCHA appears to be invalid. Please re-verify that you’re not a robot below.”

Apparently, albeit you’re filling the right Captcha, it keeps identifying you as a robot and blocks you from signing up. this is often indeed frustrating, especially if you’re game lover and you actually want to urge access to the Steam community. Fortunately, there are a few of methods which will assist you to repair the difficulty . Let’s see how.

Fixing the error ” Steam : Your Response to the Captcha appears to be Invalid “

Use a separate Internet Connection

Sometimes the Steam Captcha error while creating a Steam account are often resolved by simply employing a different internet connection or by employing a different device. Therefore, a far better idea is to open the Steam create account page using your mobile and check out signing up from there. consistent with users, this method has helped quite few of them.

This issue may occur because for a few reason, Steam flags the IP address of your system then , signing up for Steam through another device or internet connection may solve the difficulty for a few.

Clear Cache Data from Chrome

Apparently, the Steam app runs the simplest with the Google Chrome browser, however, thanks to the cookies and site data, you’ll experience the invalid Captcha error. Therefore, clearing the cookies and site data from Chrome may fix the difficulty and assist you continue with the Steam check in process. Let’s see how:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and attend the three vertical dots on the upper right side of the window.
  • Select More tools from the menu then select Clear browsing data.
  • Google Chrome Three Vertical Dots More Tools Clear Browsing Data
  • Within the Clear Browsing Data window that opens, select the Advanced tab and set the Time range field to all or any time.
  • Clear Browsing Data Advanced Time Range All Time
  • Now, select the Cookies and site data option and also select Cached images and files.
  • Press the Clear data button below to finish the method .
  • Clear Browsing Data Cookies And Other Site Data Cached Images And Files Select

Now, re-launch your Chrome browser and check out signing abreast of the Steam website and you ought to be ready to undergo the Captcha with none obstacles.

Using Command Prompt

This method helps you flush your DNS cache and run a winsock reset to clear the cache. It also resets the web to get rid of any outdated/corrupt data which may interfere with the web connection. The cached IP addresses prevents your internet connection to run properly. And thus, following this method will assist you fix and subsequently check in for the Steam community, smoothly. Here’s how:

  • Right-click on Start menu and choose Run to launch the Run command window.
  • Start Right Click Run
  • Within the Run command search box, type cmd and press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter. This will open the elevated prompt .
  • Run Command Cmd Ctrl + Shift + Enter
  • Within the prompt admin window, run the below command one by one and hit Enter after each command:

ipconfig /flushdns

netsh winsock reset

  • Once the method is over, exit prompt and restart your PC.
  • Now, attend the Steam app. And, check out signing up by filling the captcha and you ought to encounter no further errors.

Create an account From the Server

According to some users, creating your Steam account on the server rather than creating the account from website on your PC, helps resolve the difficulty .

  • Once you enter the server, enter your Email Address. Then, enter the e-mail address again within the Confirm your Address field.
  • Select your Country of Residence from the drop-down. Check the box to verify Captcha (I’m not a robot). And, the tick should turn green, which suggests you’ve got cleared the Captcha.
  • Check next to “I am 13 years aged or older” and comply with the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Press still complete with the sign-up process.

Your check in process should undergo with none Captcha error.


This post on the ” Steam : Your Response to the Captcha appears to be Invalid ” error is a complete guide to an error-free captcha verification process. Follow the steps provided above correctly and you will never fail to get your captchas right.

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