Have you come across the term VoLTE? Of course, you would have come across the same in this ever-improving world. Where there is the need for speed, fast access, and anything on our tips. For this reason, only, every service provider is striving towards greater efficiency. Hence, we are progressing more towards greater speed. First, we had the 1G speed, then 2G speed, subsequently came 3G, 4G, 5G, and now 6G. There we have also come across the term VoLTE. In this post, though we will talk about the Vo LTE Icon Samsung? What is the VoLTE Icon Samsung? It is an icon that appears beside your network signal icon. One ought to see this icon when using an LTE wireless connection on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or for that matter any smartphone supporting VoLTE services.

VoLTE — The Vo LTE Icon Samsung

Vo LTE happens when a network carrier allows one to have a call over LTE connection. As an example, Jio network uses the 2RXTM protocol for all voice calls. If your carrier uses the same protocol for both data and call, it becomes difficult for them to place call and use data simultaneously. But, these problems vanished with the arrival of Voice over LTE(Vo LTE).

VoLTE was launched as a billboard service in 2012 in Dallas, Texas. The VoLTE phone LG-Connect 4 was launched together with this. VoLTE may be a wireless medium for the communication of devices. Also, VoLTE was commonly marketed and is usually referred to as the HD Voice feature.

VoLTE Icon Samsung

This is the VoLTE icon Samsung devices use to point out if the VoLTE is enabled is present on the status bar. When this symbol appears beside your network signal or Wi-Fi signal, this suggests your calls are going to be remodeled LTE. This generally increases the voice quality of calls.

The VoLTE icon is in use to spot if the smartphone is using the HD Calling feature or not. The service are often enable by using an LTE network and enabling it from the settings. The icon can be found on the left side of your mobile network signal and states “VoLTE”. This suggests that now whenever you’ll dial or receive a call, you’ll be using the “HD Calling” feature. This suggests you’ll get a way better voice quality on calls than ever before.

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Features of Vo LTE

  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Circuit-switched fallback (CSFB)
  • Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE)
  • Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)
  • This standard provides up to 3 times more data and voice capacity than the 3G UMTS and 6 times over the 2G GSM.
  • VoLTE uses less amount of knowledge thanks to its usage of packet headers which are better and smaller than the un-optimized VoIP.
  • Charges of VoLTE calls are approximately equivalent as those of previous generations.

VoLTE generally uses the Adapting Multi-Rate Wide-band speech-codec. VoLTE or HD Voice supports frequencies up to 7 kHz. A Full HD Voice codec is propose that supports frequencies up to twenty kHz.

Activating VoLTE

If your device supports VoLTE services then check out these steps mentioned below to enable these services :

  • Insert the LTE-enabled sim card within the sim slot.
  • Go to the Settings for your android smartphone.
  • Enabling the VoLTE service
  • Tap on the Connections button.
  • Connections button
  • Tab on Mobile Networks.
  • Mobile Networks
  • Tap on the acceptable sim card/slot no.
  • Select LTE/3G/2G (Auto) option.

Removing VoLTE

Currently, there are not any full-proof and a 100% guaranteed safe method. All of these methods require root permission and modifying system files, which could harm your Android OS. Hence, it is recommended not to try all of these. The best option is to remove Vo LTE. How? Lets see that :

  • Go to Settings
  • Then, Connections,
  • Look for Mobile Network
  • Disable Vo LTE.

How to disable VoLTE on Android

As for the Android, the VoLTE deactivation procedure is basically simple and may be practiced with a few of taps – generally what you would like to try to to is attend the adjustments from Android, select the entry to Mobile networksgo to the section on LTE / 4G and disable the switch associated with VoLTE.

Please note that these steps may vary counting on the Android version (and manufacturer’s customizations) in use on your mobile – I even have provided more detailed instructions regarding the foremost commonly used models below :

Samsung (Galaxy S7 and later)

  • Tap the icon phone located on the Android main screen.
  • Then, tap the button more placed within the upper right and choose the item adjustments from the proposed small menu.
  • Now , scroll right down to find the item.
  • Go to Outgoing voice call settings, select it with a faucet and put a check on the item to stop using VoLTE.

Huawei / LG / Sony

  • Press the button adjustments.
  • Select the things Network and internet.
  • Go to Mobile networks and tap on OFF the turn on Enable VoLTE.

wiko –

  • Access the section adjustments touching the relative icon within the drawer of the Android application.
  • Then, Go to Mobile networks.
  • Put in off the turn on 4G LTE advanced mode.
  • Now, you are good to go.

CONCLUSION — Vo LTE Icon Samsung

Telecommunication services have come a long way from the times of 1G, 2G, and subsequently the 3G era. Now, is the time of 4G (VoLTE), 5G, and furthermore. Almost every few years a replacement generation is introducing which improves greatly on the prevailing technology. For example, the newer generations are providing more flexible frequency, better voice quality, all this at an equivalent cost. Enabling VoLTE is quite easy if you follow the above-mentioned steps. Hope this article answers all your queries regarding the Vo LTE Icon Samsung and the VoLTE services.

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