DirecTV is quite a popular satellite television provider in US. It provides for both satellite and streaming of channels. DirecTV provides for channels related to news, movies, weather and athletics. This article, will help you locate Weather Channel for DirecTV. In the USA, DirecTV is one among the foremost popular television services. It’s a part of the AT&T Communications group. The rationale why numerous people get a subscription is that it includes all the categories that viewers want to ascertain.

Weather Channel

There is always that one person within the family who hooks into the weather news. That person will always want to tune-in on the Weather Channel. To look for all the newest information. Why? Because you are always out there to look for the weather outside.

It started as an American pay channel. However, it’s developed greatly since it opened. Now, you’ll watch many various things on AT&T DirecTV Weather Channel. Of course, it brings you the newest weather forecasts. But, it also keeps you posted on all weather-related news. It’s specialized itself by providing weather analysis reports. But, also by showing entertainment shows, associated with the weather, also as documentaries. In fact, watching the Weather Channel isn’t as boring as some might imagine .

Weather Channel DirecTV

The Weather Channel, gets information on alerts coming from the National Weather Service or the Storm Prediction Center. But since it’s its own equipment, it can go deeper into the knowledge and provides out more precise news to the people watching, in real-time.

The Weather Channel is additionally international. Many of us don’t know that, just because they function under other names in various countries. But while you’re abroad, you’ll still get the knowledge deliver to you by the Weather Channel. Whether, you are in Latin America , Brazil, UK , France or even in Germany.

Moreover, the channel also operates weather stations inside a number of prestigious American universities. Like, MIT, University of California, Lancaster University.

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Weather Channels on DirecTV?

The Weather Channel isn’t the sole channel forecasting the weather on DirecTV. Viewers also can tune-in on WeatherNation or AccuWeather presently. One segment where the Weather Channel network is clearly before its competitor, is within the morning. When, it presents America’s Morning Headquarters, hosted by Sam Champion.

Weather Channel for DirecTV

So where are you able to find the weather information on DirecTV? You’ll need to look for Channel Number 362 for the Weather Channel or Channel Number 361 for the AccuWeather Channel.

Where did the Weather Channel continue DirecTV?

Some of the DirecTV viewers wondered for a short time where the Weather Channel had gone. That’s because it had been faraway from the service, once they couldn’t come to a financial agreement. Before the conflict, the Weather Channel was getting 13 cents per viewer. That didn’t satisfy them, and since DirecTV didn’t want to pay more, the deal ends. Therefore, the Weather Channel was faraway from DirecTV.

It took three months to unravel the difficulty between the 2 groups. But after long negotiations, the Weather Channel was back inside DirecTV’s program offering, and that they are still on today, at Channel Number 362.

Weather Channel for DirecTV

AccuWeather Replaces WeatherNation

DirecTV got into a conflict with WeatherNation some four years back. However, WeatherNation them from their program offer, but this point , they didn’t take them back. Instead, they give their spot to a different weather channel called AccuWeather. This channel is now present on number 361 on DirecTV.

Other Local Weather Channels

Those who prefer local weather channel are going to get satisfy on DirecTV. In fact, there are many local stations to settle on from on DirecTV. The user simply has got to look by using his postcode , through a directory on DirecTV’s website.


Thus, in this article we have seen the details about the Weather Channel for DirecTV. We have seen that DirecTV is quite a popular satellite television provider in US. It provides for both satellite and streaming of channels. The DirecTV provides for news, movies, weather and athletics.

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