In 2020 testing frameworks for python are increasing, it becomes necessary to choose the ideal Selenium test automation framework that suits your needs. On the one side javascript is one of the default testing frameworks for python. There are many more Python testing frameworks. As of 2020 Python is the fastest programming language the Developer surveyed by StackOverflow. In the whole universe, Python termed as the 3rd ranked the best language. One of the particular reasons for the approval of Python is the sustainable support of the test automation frameworks. The most well-being-like Python framework is appropriate with the Selenium test automation framework used for automation Browser testing and cross browsing testing.

What are the testing frameworks for Python?

  • In the world of testing, automated testing is world-known content testing. It is where the test ideas are being implemented using a script instead of a human.
  • Python approach with the gadgets and Libraries that help automated testing for your system.
  • Python test cases are comparatively easy to write. With the expanded use of Python. Testing frameworks for python become popular now times.

Some of the testing frameworks for python are:

There are six testing frameworks for python

 testing framework for python


The robot is the most famous framework in open-source automation. The testing framework is based on Python language. This framework, fully developed by Python and used for Acceptance testing and testing-driven development. In the reboot framework, keyword styles used to write a test case. The robot is able to move java and net also help for automation testing on cross-platform like window mac os and smartphones, web application,s, etc.

Robots also used for Robotic process automation. Package installer for Python highly suggested for Robot installation.


Pytest, a free Python-based testing framework that is normally all the purpose but specific Functional and API testing. Package installer for Python is mandatory for Pytest installation. It helps you to simple or complex test code to text API, database, and Uls. For east text Execution simple syntax used in. Rich plugins are able to help you to run test parallel.


The Unittest, a Python-based automated units text framework that also helps you to work with Python standard library. Carry the save the text suits and text organization.

Also known as payunits. In Unittest2, a backport in which some new features are added. It is develop by junit and also help for text automation including text collection, test independence, setup code for tests code.


DocTest is a module that also involves Python standard distribution and used for white-box unit testing. It examines convertible Python settings to check if they work right as required. Use of selective python Cabalities such as doxstring, the Python convertible shell, and Python Introspection.


Nose2 is an heir of the nose and it is based on the unit testing frameworks for python that run doctexr and unittest. Nose 2 based on unittest hence it’s called extend unittest or unittest with a plugin that helped to make texting simple and easy. ¬†Used for collecting text from Unittest and supports multiple functions for writing text. The nose helps package fixtures, classes, modules, and complex. It’s defined at a single time instead of writing fast.


To replace nose and Unittest testify was make. Also, testify have more update feature over Uttitest. Testify is famous for a java implementation of sematic testing. Automated unit integration system testing is easier to testify.

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