YouTube is one of the most popular and preferred social media platform. It has been here before people went crazy over Instagram and Snapchat. As you all know, YouTube is a colossal platform for ad revenues. The company decided to introduce the Youtube Ad Revenues in the beginning year 2019 and it was shocking as this was not expected. The ad revenue of YouTube during the FY 2019-2020 was a whooping $15.1 billion. However, these Youtube ads are out of control now and everyone are fed up of it. In this blog, we will discuss this engrossing topic.

Youtube ads are out of control

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Youtube ads are out of control

YouTube was founded by the trio of Steve ChenChad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in the year 2005. It started out as a venture capital-funded technology startup. The site was officially launched on 15 December, 2005. Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion in Google stock. YouTube also moved to a new office in California in 2006 and the company only saw growth since then.

Youtube ads are out of control:

In recent times, YouTube is lost between all these advertisements. Not only it is showing a large amount of advertisements but it has also lost track of the ads that are being shown. People have also started noticing it and many of them have complained about it on Reddit. Some are even saying that the channel is showing weird and tasteless advertisements. You can easily notice that these ads are straight clickbaits. When you scroll through the YouTube page and refresh it then it will show you ads that are not related to you at all and have no basic connection.

For instance, while exploring we saw an ad about earning diamonds in a game called FreeFire. And the other ad seemed totally fake which was showing booking of Jio Phone 3. The thumbnail of the ad had another android phone photoshopped on it.

We found a thread on Reddit, in which people annoyed with this discrepancy of YouTube shared their thoughts. These ads are not good to look at and so out of place. It has no connection to the user and his preference. The worst thing is that some of these ads are reported as scams. This is not a problem that a group of people are facing but most people are getting irritated and reporting these advertisements.

“Why this Ad”

We tried to find the reason behind these ads by clicking on “Why this Ad” feature in Youtube. We did this to figure out why Youtube is showing this particular ad which you can also try. It said that these ads are non-personalized apps as the feature has been turned off. This made sense as this meant these ads were just based on the time and location of the user. The problem arose when we checked and found out that we hadn’t switched off the personalized apps option on Youtube. We also checked the Google account and saw that even personalized ad feature was enabled. This shows that the problem does not lie with us but with algorithm of YouTube. Otherwise it won’t suggest us to “click and get $10 million” ads.


These YouTube ads are getting out of control and many people agree with this problem. We just hope that YouTube notice this problem of its users and fixes it. Because this is getting out of hand and YouTube is becoming an irritating platforms for people despite of its great content. This is unfair for those content creators and the users of YouTube. So, we hope this issue gets solved and everything goes back to normal.

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