Stuck with Can’t find anything about it? We got you covered through this article on anything you would like to understand. See why you will like this app on your smartphone and what it’s use for? Find out how to resolve the not responding. Also, see what to not do with the app while its not in a condition to work.

What is

OSP stands for “Other Service Provider” and because the name suggests it’s use for searching and discovering service providers for your smartphone.

Let’s first see why we’d like the OSP within the first place. Whenever you’re using your phone there are variety of various services you employ like your cell service, contacts, and more.

The is an application which got develop for better handling of devices by Samsung Inc.. This comes in handy once you are shifting to a Samsung device and it syncs all of your apps. We’ll discuss more the features and advantages of the app.

The downside however may be a greater one since it’s access to virtually all of your apps and their data. It’s going to concern many of us regarding their privacy and therefore the data that’s being shar. If you’re curious then you’ll inspect discussion blogs where many of us discuss this problem.

Does steal my data?

The answer is not any , so you don’t got to panic. The app access your web applications mainly to refresh the info associate with your Samsung and Google account. The information which is being processed isn’t uploaded anywhere on their server. Also, you ought to not worry about getting hack by this app or any on the brink of it. We might recommend uninstalling the app since it can cause problems associated with syncing your apps.

Uses of

As from above it is clear that this app is beneficial once you are switching your smartphone from one device to another. For instance , your contacts are going to be transfer to your new device with none manual effort. Or your browser will have all of your older settings and preferences which will make your life tons easier. Also other minor settings like keyboard settings, calendar dates, and more.

Some more features provided by this app are :

  • Find my device feature
  • Safe Folder
  • Samsung member
  • Smart Application features
  • Samsung Health
  • PEN.UP

Now you want to be getting the thought behind the app having such a lot access to your device. This app personalizes various features and settings from Samsung services. However, Samsung uses this data to push product recommendations to you via their apps and therefore the browser. we’ll not get into the monetization of your personal data during this article.

We all realize the Safe Folder which keeps your files safe and prevents people from seeing your files. Also if you’re a Samsung member then you’ll get 24/7 quality service from Samsung, this helps with contact numbers and quick tips.

If you would like to download the app then click here, download the app as long as you’ve got a Samsung device and you deleted the app unexpectedly.

Here’s something for you on Samsung Account Notice

How to fix this error of stoppage?

If you encounter this error then it means a mistake occurred which the app was running within the background. You don’t need to worry about it because it often fixes easily with a couple of simple steps. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Updating the app

  • It is the simplest way of solving the matter.
  • It can so happen that the app got outdate and it can not function normally.
  • Therefore, to unravel this you only got to allow it to update by giving it the permission, “OK” when it asks you.

Download a newer version of the app

  • If you’re unable to update the app then you’ll simply download and install the app from any site.
  • Click here to go to the location for downloading,
  • Do, remember to download the newest version.

After downloading, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings options and visit the “Biometrics and security” section.
  • Tap on “Install unknown apps” and permit apps to install from an unknown source.
  • Install unknown apps
  • Look for your browser (like Chrome).
  • Tap on your download and then proceed to install the same.
  • Restart your smartphone and check if the error remains there or not.

Removing the Cache Data

  • Turn on your device and visit the Settings options.
  • Click on “App” and then proceed to “show system apps”.
  • Search about “” then click on Storage option.
  • Tap on clear data & cache and restart your device once done.
  • Search for the “” and open the “storage”
  • Clear cache of “” and data


We have seen what is in detail. Its various features and uses. We also saw, how this comes in handy once you are shifting to a Samsung device and it syncs all of your apps. Hope this article was an all clearing one for you. Taking cognizant that this article will have made you clear about the topic at hand. If u have any more doubts feel free to post it in the comments sections.

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