This post is a complete guide on what is Com Sec ePDG ? Is it a virus, bloatware, malware or a spyware? Also, is it safe? Thus, how to fix this error? And, much more.

You may be confused if this error popped abreast of your screen while using your phone. So, lets get to see what the app does and what does the word ePDG means.

What is Com Sec ePDG ?

ePDG stands for “evolved Packet Data Gateway” and it’s associate with LTE networking. This technology integrates WiFi seamlessly as a subset of LTE RAN. LTE technology, allows us to use the fast internet. Now the com.sec .epdg is such a software that lets server-based mobile operators to securely and cost-effectively integrate WiFi networks. Thus, SMEC LTE ePDG is great for service providers because it is very scalable, reliable, and carrier-grade.

Com Sec ePDG

Note, that this is often a non-deletable system app which suggests you’ll not remove it albeit you would like to from your smartphone. It’s a system file app which suggests it’s involved within the background working of your smartphone.

If you’re confuse about the naming of the app then we got you cover. Whenever an app is build for android, it gets a package name. This pathway is known as in such how in order that you’ll trace back where the app data is found within the project file.

Various Features

  • 3rd Generation Partnership Project Standard ePDG Solution.
  • Multi-tier redundancy.
  • Hardware-based packet processing engines.
  • Scalable ATCA and COTS Server-based standard platforms.
  • S2B interface to interwork with PGW.
  • SWM interface to interwork with 3GPP standard AAA

Com Sec ePDG a Virus/Bloatware/Spyware ?

No, it’s not any type of virus/malware/bloatware/spyware or any sort of trojan or other harmful file. Many of us see this weirdly app and generally perceive it as a malware of something hacking and fishy. But don’t worry if you use this app because it isn’t malware and it’s nothing to stress about. We have already seen that this app deals with various LTE technology services on your smartphone. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

Fixing the com.sec.epdg error?

If you’ve encounter the error “com.sec.epdg” then you might confuse on what does this error means. Now, this error occurs when the com.sec.epdg app has unexpectedly stopped working. The error mostly will occur when the com.sec.epdg app is close forcefully or unexpectedly. Sometimes, there might be other internal system causes too. Regardless of the rationale for the error, we’d like to repair it as soon as possible.

We would suggest you trying to reboot your phone and see if it solved your problem. But if not then inspect the possible solutions for this error:

Clear App Cache and Data

  • Awaken your device and navigate to the “Settings”.
  • Look for “Apps and Notifications” and click on it.
  • Tap on “show system apps” which must be at the highest right corner of the screen and search “com.sec.edpg”.
  • Once found open the app and tap on “Storage & Cache”.
  • Now tap on “Clear cache” and reboot up your phone after it.

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Reset the Phone

This is always the last or the ultimate solution. This will surely solve your problem but this should be utilize in pretty adverse circumstances only. Also, take note of this fact that this will delete all your data, so before performing this step take a backup of all your data. Then, proceed with the following steps :

  • Awaken your device and navigate to the “Settings”.
  • Look for “System” and then further, proceed to click on “Reset Options”.
  • Once found, open it and tap on “Erase all data(factory reset)”.
  • Open it and tap on “Erase All Data” and provides confirmation.
  • Await the method to complete.
  • The device may restart several times during the method
Com Sec ePDG


We saw what does the word ePDG stands for and why we should always care about it. Also, we have gone through what the ePDG technology does and the way it makes a difference in your life. We have also seen that the error itself isn’t a constantly occurring error. It only occurs when the app is turn off suddenly. Through this post, we have also seen various features of the app and also the ways to fix the various errors arising out of it.

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