Everybody is familiar with Facebook as it is one of the most popular social media available in todays world. People are able to easily communicate and connect across the world because of Facebook. It has been a while since Facebook entered in our lives and in the beginning people communicated by posting on their walls. However, as the technology enhanced, many updates were brought in. For instance, people can now send and receive messages, photos, music, documents etc. But sometimes it happens that that the Facebook message sent but not delivered to the receiver. In this blog, we will discuss this issue and ensure that messages are delivered properly.

Facebook message sent but not delivered

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Reasons for Facebook message sent but not delivered

Usually there are no problems when you are using Facebook. Still one problem persists that people complain about. It is that their message was not delivered to the receiver. It happens that the message was send on Facebook but not delivered and receiver is unable to read it. There are various reasons for it and some of them are as follows:

1. Internet Connection

The most basic reason of your message not getting delivered is because of your internet connection. The media is unable to work well when there is bad internet connection. So, it is better that you check your internet connection before send a message. Also, there is no need of a strong connection to send a message as that does not take up too much of data.

2. Not Opened by Receiver

There is a chance that your message was delivered successfully but the receiver has not opened it yet. So, when the receiver has not read the message then also the status of the message remain undelivered. Also, one needs to have the message feature in order to open messages on Facebook. Now on smartphones, this is not a problem as people download the Facebook messenger. So, don’t worry and keep in mind that people can be online on Facebook but still may be unable to read your message.

3. Not Friend with the Receiver

When you send a message to a person with whom you are not friends on Facebook then they will not read your message automatically. And if that person has a private profile then your message will go in their message requests section. So, they have to accept your message request first in order to receive and reply to your messages. The best you can do is start by sending a friend request to that person. In this way, when they become your friend they will be able to receive your messages and it will not go in requests.

4. Ignored the Message

When the receiver ignores the message then it seems like the message has not been sent yet. However, this is not the case as the message is successfully delivered and the receiver has ignored it. So, if you have doubts then you should try sending another message to that person. Or if you want to check any error then try sending a different message to a different person. Then, you will be able to check whether it is successful or not.

5. Read Through Notify

When the message goes through then it comes as a notification on the receiver’s device. It may happen that the receiver may have read the message through notification and has not opened it yet. In this way, the status of the message does not change because technically they have not opened it yet. If this happens, then you will also be not able to find the reason.

Resolving Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

This problem is common for many people and you can take some of the following steps to prevent undelivered messages. You don’t have to go to extremes and make a new Facebook account. Instead try the following simple steps and see if they work.

1. Login Using Browser/ Laptop

You will be able to see people online when you are using a Laptop or PC and then send messages to your friends who are online. When you log into your Facebook account then you will also be able to see your messages. This is in contrast to when you log in through your smartphone. As people are unable to see that you are online. This may be one of the causes of Facebook messages sent but not delivered.

2. Send Message to Active Friends

You should ensure that your friend is still active on Facebook before sending a message. You can confirm this by viewing the last time they were active or logged in to their Facebook account. It is very unlikely that the person who is not active on Facebook, will open messages of the app.

3. Restart Facebook

This is one of the basic method that if any goes wrong then restart it. So, here also we are applying the same method and telling you to restart the app or your device. In this way, the social media will restart and refresh and it may help. It happens that when people sign in again then the unsend messages get delivered.


We hope that this blog helped you in solving your problem. There is no big method to solve the issue of messages not getting delivered on Facebook. But we tried to give you solutions and reasons for the same that may help you. Thank you for reading our blog.

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