In a world where streaming services are taking hold and cable TVs are dying out. Showbox is gaining popularity and is in demand it is a third-party app for the Android platform. Showbox gives you access to an unlimited library of movies and TV shows. And now with Terrarium TV has gone we all looking for alternative and Showbox is one of that alternative. Showbox is part of our best Terrarium TV alternatives. So, here is How to download Showbox on fire tv.

Showbox has been around for a while the content is updated regularly. New content is being added every day and you can see your favorite shows and movies in there as soon as it releases. Showbox lets you play content in SD, HD, and full HD quality. This app is lightweight which has no impact on your devise performance.

Note: Showbox is separately made for the android mobile platforms and it is not really that remote-friendly. To use this app also you have to use the mouse toggle. Don’t worry if it sounds confusing to you now. We will cover that part separately in this blog. So, let’s get started with How to download Showbox on fire tv.

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How to download showbox on fire tv: Installation Guide

First lets see how you can configure  FireStick / Fire TV / Cube and allow it to accept the third party apps. You just need a small change in your setting and its done.

  • When you power up FireStick and are on the home screen, use your remote to select Settings from the menu bar on the top
  • Then select open device from the following set of options.
  • Then just open the developer options.
How to download showbox on fire tv
  • Now just select Apps from Unknown sources to turn it ON if it disabled.
How to download showbox on fire tv
  • Then just confirm by clicking on the option of turn on. Also, ignore the warning because both the showbox and Aptoide are safe apps.
showbox download fire stick
  • Now your device is ready for Firestick. You can install any third-party app you want.

Install Aptoide on FireStick

Aptoide is a store that is an alternative to Amazon Store on FireStick. It is a third-party app store that has a variety of cool apps that are not even available on the Amazon Store. Firstly, you should install the Aptoide app store on your device. Because of this, you will be able to get Showbox and many other apps on FireStick. It is specifically designed for Android smartphones and devices. It is not necessary that all the apps will get installed. However, it still contains many apps for this device.

Install Showbox on FireStick Using Aptoide Store

  • When you open Aptoide, the default screen will appear. There will be an option of Editors’ Choice available on the left side. And a variety of featured apps will appear on the right. You may see the Showbox app on this window.
How to download showbox on fire tv

You can also select the option of Top Applications seen on the left. As the name explains, it contains the most popular Android apps.

How to download showbox on fire tv

However, if you are unable to find Showbox in any of the two options. Then select Editors’ Choice option again and a search icon will appear on top left. You can just click on it and search for the app.

  • Now, select the Showbox icon.
  • Click on the Install button in this step.
  • When you click on Install, then a warning will appear on the screen. It says that Showbox has Google Services dependencies and may not work on your FireStick device. However, you don’t have to worry about this. As we will make the app work with the use of the Mouse Toggle. So, click on OK and wait for the download to complete.
How to download showbox on fire tv
  • A prompt will appear after the app has finished downloading. Keep scrolling till the end of the page and you will see Next button on the bottom right. This button will change to Install when you navigate to it.
  • So, click on Install to proceed.

Now you have to wait for the Showbox app to install on FireStick.

How to download showbox on fire tv
  • App Installed notification will appear on the screen after it is installed. At the bottom, you will see Open and Done option. If you want to launch the app now then click on Open otherwise select Done. You can open it from Your Apps & Channels.
How to download showbox on fire tv

Important: Install Mouse Toggle to Use Showbox

In between installation, a warning came saying that Showbox has Google Services dependencies and may not work on your FireStick device. This is because basically Showbox is not designed for FireStick. Because you cannot navigate around the app using the Amazon Fire Stick remote as it is not remote-friendly. So, you require an extra application to use this app called Mouse Toggle.

All the points that your regular remote function cannot reach can be easily accessed using Mouse Toggle app. So, install it on your Fire Stick and enable the mouse toggle service. Then you will easily be able to use Showbox or any other app on your FireStick that are not remote-friendly.


Hope this blog will help you. Showbox is not the best choice for FireStick but you will be able to watch many movies and shows. You just have to take an extra step and install the Mouse Toggle app. There are some other options that you can consider other than Showbox. They are OneBox HD, Kodi, Cinema APK, CatMouse APK, etc.

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