Have you ever heard of online streaming? Well, we bet you do it every day. Over the years, online streaming has become an essential part of social media and has brought together entertainers and viewers. While multiple apps provide the facility to stream online, the twitch app ps3 is considered the best for gamers. So, what are we waiting for, lets see how to stream on Twitch via PS4.

What is Twitch?

Twitch app ps3 has broadcasting facilities that allow the users to watch gaming-related videos anywhere, at any time. Also, twitch is known to have a wide range of videos related to various gaming genres. From racing games to stimulating games, they have it all!

What’s more? Twitch app ps3 has further introduced the concept of e-sports, whereby gamers from all over the world gather to showcase their skills. Occasionally, they hold competitions between expert gamers. Therefore, viewers can be entertained while watching their favorite content creators competing. 

Twitch app ps3 is available for various devices. These include PC, Xbox, mobile phones, tablets, and PlayStation.

Though activating the twitch app, ps3 is extremely easy from various devices; there is a specific step you will have to follow for streaming on the Twitch app via ps4. 

How to stream on twitch via ps4

Sony play stations have various consoles and amongst them is ps4. 

Launched in February 2013, ps4 quickly became a new sensation amongst gamers due to the outstanding features. 

While there are various activities on ps4 that you can do, online streaming is one of them. 

Yes, you heard it right. With the help of twitch, you can comfortably broadcast online to let your viewers see what you are playing at the moment or those tips and tricks of yours. 

Do you want to stream on the Twitch app? Here are the steps you will have to activate the twitch app on ps4

Step 1 — Share 

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  • Firstly, you will have to go to the settings and find the option of “sharing.” 
  • This option allows you to share your screen, and therefore, you can let your viewers see what you are playing. 
  • Once you press the “share” button, multiple options will appear on your screen, including video clip sharing, screenshot, start sharply, and sharing and broadcasting settings. 
  • However, you will have to select the option to “broadcast gameplay” amongst all of them. 
  • After you have selected the option, it’s time to move onto the next opportunity. 

Step 2 — Sign-in

  • Once you have chosen the option to broadcast, you will be allowed to select various apps. These include Ustream and twitch. 
  • From there, you will have to select the twitch app ps3 and link your ps4 profile with it.
  • The signing-in process will require your credentials, and you might have subscribed to a plan before starting. 

Now, what ??

Step 3 — Activate 

  • Once you have reached the twitch app ps3, you will have activated twitch app 2020. For starting, you will have to follow a link and select “OK” once you have followed the link. 
  • The activation process may take some time, but it is relatively easy to do so. 

Step 4 — Customize 

  • Once the activation has been done, you can customize your profile.
  • This means that you can select a suitable name for your broadcast that your viewers would want to see and adjust the streaming settings as per your preference.
  • Also, while setting the title, keep in mind that it will be the first thing to catch the viewer’s eye. Therefore, the title should be captivating and exciting but not too complicated to understand. 
How to stream on twitch via ps4
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Step 5 — Start Broadcasting 

  • After customizing the settings and title, you can begin. 
  • To start, click on “start broadcasting,” and you will be good to go. Your live broadcast will then appear on the feed, and viewers can join in to enjoy it and chat with each other while you play. 

Step 6 — The End 

  • If you want to end your broadcast, go to the “share” option again and press it. The broadcast will end shortly after. 

SUMMING UP — How to Stream on Twitch via PS4

Streaming on twitch ps4 can be extremely entertaining, and not to mention how you can earn money through it. Streaming on twitch is as easy as on other apps like youtube. All you have to do is follow the guidelines from above, and you are good to go. 

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