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What is a Text Message?

First of all, we are going to learn about what is a text message and how it is working, and all its details. Message can be defined as it is a short communication or it consists of words typed or entered by using a keypad and which is sent or received by an electronic device called the cell phone. The message is a communication between cell phones. The message consists of different forms like emojis, video messages, audio messages, alphabetical text, numerical text, stickers, Gifs, and many more.

There are many platforms to communicate through messages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Linked In, and many more.

unsend text message on android

Unsend Text Message Android

Suddenly a fine day by mistakenly you sent an unexpected text message/SMS to an unknown person or the wrong person. Now you are feeling bad and praying the god, crossing your fingers, and wishing god not to send that message to that wrong person. What will you do now? Let me tell you one thing my dear friend that if you press send button once then there is no more chance to un-send the message again. But let us try to adopt some of the ways which can solve your issue. It is disappointing but you should accept the features of android that if a message is sent once then it cannot be deleted or unsend.

Google has introduced this Unsend feature only for Gmail but let’s try for the options which can also apply to text messages. We will help you identify some of the ways on how to unsend text messages on android, let us see the methods and it is going to be exciting. Let’s start it.

Methods To Unsend Text Message Android

The main phrase used by the people is text and SMS, now let us see the major difference of them. SMS is defined as Short Message Service which is a fancy name for the text message. The major difference is the variety of different message types that are referred to as text in day-to-day life. But the SMS contains only text but no videos and pictures and SMS are limited to 160 characters. SMS is one of the oldest texting technologies, it is used widely to communicate in alternative ways.

Conventional approach:

This is a method where it requires a fast reaction from your side. I think you will get approximately 5 seconds to deliver the message after you tap on the send button. The solution for this is you have to remove your phone’s battery or quickly switch off the phone by pressing the power button of your phone as soon as possible you tap on the send button.

Now after few seconds, turn on the phone and check whether it is worked or not. But this method only works if you react immediately after tapping the send button.

Third-party software:

Another way to solve this issue is you can also use third-party software which is named Tiger Text. It is a secure messenger instead of having Android’s built-in SMS or MMS messenger.

The best feature we can found in the Tiger Text application is we can unsend the text message and recipients cannot read the message and they don’t need to install the same app on their device.

  • Also, the first step is, you have to download and install the Tiger text app on your Android device.
  • The second step is, by using that application send a text message.
  • The third step is, tap on the send button to deliver the message and hold it.
  • The fourth step is, if you want to delete the message, you have to click Recall from the recipient’s phone. It can be applied only if the recipient has not yet opened the message.

Also, the final step is, check the icon beside the text message if it is in green color it is successfully sent otherwise the feature worked correctly.


By the above write-up, we can conclude that unsend text messages on Android can happen by using certain steps. Hope you cleared all your doubts.

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