Instagram is a social media app which makes it quite easy to be in touch with a person. It also allows you to share stories, pictures, posts and other things with just a click. You can also view public account without that person even realizing. So, basically it is a way to enjoy the world out there while using just your smartphone. Its quite easy to create an account on Instagram and be able to view profiles of various people. But, lets see how to view Instagram without an account.

How to View Instagram without an Account : Is it even possible?

The usual way to view Instagram or somebody else’s posts, profile and other details is by having your own Instagram account. And, then, searching about that person. But, in that way you will come into the notice of the person whose profile you view. Sometimes, it may so happen that you don’t want the person at the other end know that you have viewed their profile, anyhow. So, what do we do in that scenario? Lets dwell into the topic further.

How to view Instagram without an Account

It is absolutely possible to view Instagram without an account by using various websites and third-party applications. There are also other tips and tricks that one can employ. Lets see all these tricks, applications and websites one by one.


The most easiest way to get the job done is by using the StalkHub Account Viewer for Instagram. It can be easily used from the web. It is also available for your Android smartphones and the iOS devices also.

How it Works?

  • Visit
  • Then, go the search bar and type the profile username.
  • Specify the category of your search, i.e. whether it is a tag or an user or any location as such.
  • Only one requirement is there that the account should be public, for you to be able to view.
  • If it is so, you can easily all the details of the profile, like the usernames,, posts, various pictures, videos, stories, biography and all other such details in-there.
  • You can also download the stories unto you smartphone.
  • For this, you just need to press the Download button, the blue one in the top right corner of the website.
  • Now, you are good to go. You have viewed whatever you wanted and have also download the stories too.
How to view Instagram without an Account

Removing the Instagram Login Popup Extensions

It is the most convenient method for any Chrome user. One simply needs to install a Chrome extension to be able to view Instagram without an Account.

For installing this extension, one needs to visit the extensions store on the Chrome web app and download this extension. Then unzip and install and thereby, activate the developer model. You just need to click on Load the Unpacked. And you are good to go.

Things that you can most easily do then, are as follows :

  • View stories
  • Also, view any private account
  • View posts and also like, comment and other such functions.

The Airplane Mode Trick

This trick is also quite easy. It is quite a brainy but simple trick and always comes in handy even under critical circumstances.

  • In this trick you simple need to login into your Instagram account on the app that is there on your device.
  • Then when the stories and posts load on your phone, you can easily enable the Aeroplane Mode.
  • By doing this, you won’t be utilizing even the internet.
  • You can also easily view any details of the profile you wish to view and without it be registered or noted.
  • So, you succeed in your job of not letting the other person know that you viewed their profile.

Here’s a guide on how to Remove a Remembered Instagram Account !!

Using other third-part services

As we have discussed earlier, we can also take the help of various 3rd-party services to get our job done. Lets see some of these :


This is the best site out there for anyone to look out for a person on Instagram without them knowing. One just needs to enter the username and you get all the search details of that person.

This site also comes embedded with various amazing extra features too.


This website also has similar features as the Instalooker website. Along with that its USP has a clean and neat user interface.

How to view Instagram without an Account

You just type in the username and you are good to go. You can also very quickly look out for popular and famous hashtags or any other posts too.

SUMMING UP — How to View Instagram Without An Account

We have quickly gone through various scenarios where we can get our job done. We can utilize various tips and tricks and also some third-party website and apps. In the end, we have the task to view Instagram without an account and we succeed in our task. But, I would still suggest you to create an Instagram account for yourself as it is free. You also are then eligible to search for anyone or anything at your will and also being legible.

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