Whenever you view your list of followers or following then you must think that the list is so random. As it happens for me because there seems no order to it. I used to think that Instagram shows the list in accordance with who followed me recently. However, this is not the case for every profile so, Instagram doesn’t do this. Many people are curious about the Order of followers on Instagram. This is because it makes everyone wonder as to why some people top the list of their followers and following. It is based on some kind of algorithm that is not revealed by Instagram. Also, you must note that the order of these lists keeps on changing so there is no definite way of finding the order.

Order of followers on Instagram

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Order of Followers List

The list is organized alphabetically if your followers on Instagram are less than 200. The point to take into consideration is that it follows the name appearing on the profile and not the username. However, of there is no name on the profile then they will top your list as a most recent follower. These people are placed above the alphabetically ordered list.

When you have more than 200 followers then the list is organized on the basis of your interaction using some kind of algorithm. So, when you view your list now then notice that the people who appear at the top of your list are the ones with whom you interact or they interact with you the most. For instance, liking and commenting on posts, messaging, and visiting each other’s profiles.

But this organization is not concrete and keeps on changing. Recently, Instagram is organizing the list on the basis of who followed you recently. The alphabetical order is no more used by Instagram.

Order of Following List

The followers and following list are not organized in the same way. So, you will not find alphabetical or chronological order in your Following list. However, one thing is common that following list is also based in mutual interaction. For instance, liking others post and person liking your post, commenting, tagging and other involvement.

Order of followers on Instagram

In a new update by Instagram, you can now order organize the list on the basis of who you followed recently and who you followed last. As seen in the above you can do this easily. Firstly, on your profile go to the Following tab. You have to click on Sort by Default and then options like above will appear. Then you can choose how you want the list to be organized. The list will appear in chronological order showing who you followed first, if you select Earliest. On the other hand, if you select Latest, the chronological order will be according to who you followed recently.


Hope this blog helped you in understanding the Order of followers on Instagram. Even if the organization of the list is not permanent, we tried our best to inform you about its order. Also, the new update where you can choose the order of list is unknown to many but helpful when you get to know it. Thanks for reading our blog!

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