A text mail subscriber is an individual that decides on the telephone through the web. Instead of simply calling from a normal landline organizer they use and emerge from the web. Most of these people use web Teddy phone administration such as Google Voice to a point that when you send a text to the individual they will get a warning through the email.

What is a text mail subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is an individual who especially asks for receiving text emails. Emails data send through email clients are supported for different content types. Multiple part messages along with the determination of the format to display to any given user.

You cannot call a text mail subscriber. If you try to call back you will be welcome with the voicemail. However, there are some devices such as the apple watch is that can only deliver text emails. But there are individuals who only want to receive text emails and no other kind of content. It has been a trend now to send simple text emails to subscribers.

In simpler words, a text mail subscriber is an individual that chooses only to read emails that are sent to them as plain text. They do not want to receive HTML or rich text emails to have extra privacy and security from the web if they open and click on emails.

Text email

Text Mail Subscriber

Text email or messages are a simple demonstration of creating and sending electronic messages. If you leave the message the person will receive it as plain text or numerical characters only. This text can be shared between two or more mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

What is a text email number?

It is the number that you can use to send messages to your desired individuals. You can also request especially for these numbers from your service provider. If you want to have a text mail subscriber number then you need to make sure that individuals have provided this number to the administration.

Text mail subscriber voicemail

Text mail subscriber voicemail is a service that the user can only read plain email version of any Voicemail if somebody is trying to reach over through calling. You cannot call or direct message to any text mail subscriber. The only option that you have used to leave a voicemail. The Voicemail that you leave will also be converted into plain text and numerical characters.

Many online services are available to call on the number. These services provide you with the real phone number to make a call. But if there is a lack of numbers you will receive voicemail that mail subscriber is not available. The best example of Voicemail is the Google voice. When you send a Voicemail Google it is converted into plain text through transcription and then it is resent to the user.

How can you track a text mail subscriber?

There are several ways that many companies use to identify Who is behind a mail subscriber. You can also implement some strategies that will surely help you in tracking text mail subscriber such as –

  • You can Google the numbers in inverted commas and see the results.
  • If the number has any kind of connections to social media platforms, websites, or any other online records with names. Google will then instantly pull them up on the top searches, from there you can easily track the number and the person behind the number.
  • Also, you can text the person and the request themselves with great care to reveal their identity and the reason why they are a text mail.
  • You can also use mobile tracking applications. Many applications stores many telephone numbers in their database.
  • These applications can help you recognize the person and there are many chances that a number that you are tracking will also be stored in the database of these applications.


One should not waste their time in identifying Who is behind these emails or text mail subscriber numbers. The most ideal time to do is to avoid them and whenever you find something fishy in a text message or email then mark it as spam.

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