You are probably here because the Samsung Accessory Service app is causing many issues after a software update. So, you have come to the right place. Because we will give you all the required answers. In this blog, we will discuss the topic of “What is Samsung accessory service?” Along with this, we will explain what this app does and what are some common issues caused by it. We will also give you an answer to the question: is this a necessary app or not.

What is Samsung accessory service

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Samsung Accessory Service

As the name suggests, Samsung Accessory Service is an app by Samsung for Android. The features that it provides include connecting accessories. For instance, it can connect your Galaxy watch to your smartphone.


  • Firstly, It can send and receive data.
  • Secondly, It has the ability to transfer files.

Required permissions

In order to transfer media files to the accessory device, this app will ask for Storage permission.

Why Does the App Say Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Please Wait?

What is Samsung accessory service

The notification of “Transferring file, please wait” became an issue because of the app’s new update. This notification usually appears on Galaxy devices: S7, S8, S9, etc. When this notification appears occasionally then it is not a problem because the app sends and receives data. You may also get this notification after you end a phone call. This is because the app is registering the call history if your watch is connected to a smartphone.


If you want to stop this notification from showing up again and again. Then try re-installing the Galaxy Wearable app. Because of this the plug-in and the accessory service app will be reinstalled too. As a result, it will install all the files correctly and then the notification of file transferring will stop.

If the above method doesn’t work then you should try to force-stop the app. Then clear this app and it may solve the problem. You can do this by following these steps:

Settings > Apps > Samsung Accessory Service > Force stop. 

Lastly, you can try to unpair the watch and then repair it with your smartphone. After doing so, restart your phone.

Samsung Accessory Service Draining Battery

Many users are complaining about multiple issues after a new update of the app. One of this problem is battery draining that is complained about by many users but especially by One Plus users. If you want to fix this problem, deactivate the battery optimization on all the Galaxy Wear apps & plugins. This will stop the draining because battery optimization supposedly closes and reboots the apps and this drains all the battery. Even if the app suggests to not deactivate battery optimization saying this will affect the battery performance. Please ignore it as the battery will drain if you keep it on.

Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available Pop-Up

You can fix this pop up of “Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available” by uninstalling and re-installing the Galaxy Wearable app. Also, please ensure to keep updating the app. If you are not using the Galaxy wearable app then to fix this issue, you can uninstall the app.

If none of the above-mentioned methods work then we have a simple solution for you. Just switch off notifications for the Samsung Accessory Service from notification or app settings.. Then there will be no pop up issue.

Is Samsung Accessory Service Necessary?

If you are using accessories such as the Samsung watch, then you require this app. It provides various features that make you comfortable with syncing and other things. So, if you uninstall it then you may face syncing issues with fitness apps. If you are not using any accessories, this app is not necessary, and you can uninstall it.


We have given all the necessary details in relation to the app. We hope that this clears all your query and solve your problems. This issue may go away in the near future so you don’t have to worry. Thank you for reading our blog!

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