Node js is a kind of JavaScript that helps the users to run the program in Runtime environment on the systems along with the browser used as a vessel. This is why the use of node js in several areas are seen, such as a chatroom, real-time applications, Collection of data, processing of data, game browsers, high-speed applications. This type of JavaScript is and a great choice for a majority of software developers. It helps in pushing the limits of development features that developers can provide to their clients. Some of the popular uses of node.js are provided below.

Browser games

Everything you need to know about the use of Node js

Browser games one of the most exciting applications of the real-time web. Users no longer need to use flash Java or other programs including shockwave to play games. They can do this directly in their browsers. It is used as integration along with and HTML5 to provide rich and exciting real-time Browser game designs easily. Other games like multiplayer games can also be created with the same technology.

Chat rooms

Nowadays most people use phone-based applications and social media platforms to connect with their friends. With the help of node js, chat rooms can be designed very easily. Independent chat rooms are not very popular on today’s internet. However, they are used in a number of online games that make become more enjoyable when there is a chat component in the game as well.

Collecting data

Huge amounts of data can easily be collected and made efficient with the help of node.js. Large amounts of data into a database are known to create confusion and also leads to the blocking of several operations. With the help of node js, you can receive data and send it to the backend in a precise manner. This makes sure that the data gets stored in the system without causing any disturbance.


Nowadays another popular aspect of the internet is the uploading of video and audio media content files. On platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. These files need to be processed before anyone can view or listen to these files. With the help of node js, these videos are processed at the same time when they are being uploaded. This is helpful as it is a very time-efficient process. Provides the access to the video and can provide access to the data in a very less amount of time. Other types of data including input and output in real-time also need real-time processing. To capitalize on them while making projects with colleagues around the world.

Mean Stack

The mean stack is completely coded in JavaScript and it is very important. Mean stack development makes it very simple for developers and devices. It can also be integrated with other modes use like mongoose is used in, which integrates with MongoDB very easily. It is worth mentioning that N in node.js stands for the N in the mean stack.

Real-time applications

It becomes an excellent choice when it comes to the applications that need the processing of high amounts of short messages with low latency. Such kind of system can be easily developed with the help of node.js. It is also an excellent choice for real-time collaborative drawing and editing types of applications such as Dropbox.

Queued input

If a large volume of data is received at once then there may be some jam in the system. But with the help of applications of node.js, they can easily handle concurrent connections. They maintain the responsiveness of the system even under heavy load.


Node.js is also very useful when it comes to high volumes of IO-bound requests that need to be processed. When a lot of CPU processing requests are required to a server it becomes inefficient. The node.js is very efficient in this case and a single instance can handle several requests with the same set of hardware.


JavaScript is gaining popularity and has changed the internet and browser-based coding a lot. The approach that is taken for the development of the web is very different due to the use of JavaScript and node.js. The things that we can provide have great scope when it comes to Java and the Node.js running service.

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