Now you can easily conduct public opinion polls on Twitter too as it has finally launched a built-in option. This feature can work on mobile and desktop both without any cost. Before this, Twitter users took a workaround to conduct polls. They voted two options as a retweet or a favorite. But this took away the ability to actually use those features. This new feature has solved this problem and made it easier for users. In this blog, we will discuss the topic of “Are Twitter polls anonymous?”

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Are twitter polls anonymous

Are twitter polls anonymous

Polls are a new feature that is still in the evolution process. Twitter is constantly updating it on the basis of the feedback of its users. The feature is working nicely but contains certain restrictions. The details that you may require are listed below:

  • These polls are anonymous in nature. It means that nobody including the poll-maker can identify the voters or the options they chose.
  • At this point of time, polls are restricted to only two options. You can use different service if you want to put more than two options. For instance, as it is one of best services.
  • These polls display the total number of votes to the poll maker. It also shows the percentage for each option in bar graphs.
  • The time for which these polls last is 24 hours from the time of its inception. It will also show you the number of hours that are left to vote. This period of time is non-negotiable thus, you cannot increase or decrease it.
  • These polls are public so, anyone will be able to see the real-time data of a poll by voting.
  • In this poll’s options, you are not allowed to add “@username” mentions. You have the alternative to add it in the tweet if you want to alert the appropriate users.
  • All the users of the Twitter have only one chance to vote in a poll.
  • After voting in the poll, you will get a notification after it has ended. Because of this you will be able to check out the final results.
  • You can retweet the polls and like it by tapping on the heart icon.
  • There is an option to vote directly by retweeting.
  • You can currently create or view polls through the the official Twitter web and mobile app. Even though you use third-party apps for Android or iPhone, you will not be able to view them. Eventually, Twitter will show the polls everywhere but at that particular moment you will miss it.
  • In your tweet, poll will count for 24 characters. This will leave 116 characters excluding links and images.

Creation of Twitter Poll

You can easily create a Poll on Twitter. You can start when you are able to see the new poll icon that is available next to media and location in your status update box. Type your tweet and explain the reason of your Poll. Then, click on the Poll button and fill in the two options for it. And that’s all you have to do. You have to ensure that people discover it easily as it will only last for 24 hours. You also have the option to re-issue your poll for those who missed it earlier by composing a new tweet and linking your own tweet in it.

Which Polls are most popular?

Since this is a new feature, you may not get a lot of engagement immediately. Still, we can study some of the successful polls so far.

The Twitter Polls product manager Todd Sherman said, “When you look at some of the polls that have gone big, they tend to be ask questions where people have real opinions or they are jokes,” in a Q&A at Product Hunt. “From what I’ve seen, polls spur more conversations around the topic than asking the same question without a poll because people reflect on what others think.”

Some patterns that emerge are as follows:

  • When the two options are diametrically opposite then highly charged opinions work as best.
  • Pick trendy topis that people are discussing and are curious about.
  • It will be better if a reader doesn’t need to know any more information than what the tweet already contains.
  • You can use Twitter tricks such as retweets to get ahead.

In case you don’t have Twitter polls yet then don’t get disappointed. It is coming to you so hang tight.


We hope that after reading this blog you will get all the necessary information about are Twitter polls anonymous. This feature will keep getting better in the future so hang on tight. Thank you for reading our blog.

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