BadgeProvider app comes with every device internally and it displays pending notifications. This works in every android device as a built-app. It may sometimes go by different name but in the essence it is a very crucial software. It keeps all the users up to date about what they receive. In this blog, we will discuss more information about this app and its workings during everyday use of the device.

BadgeProvider app

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What is BadgeProvider app for?

As already mentioned above, BadgeProvider is an internal app. This means that it runs in the background and gives the user the badge notifications. For instance, receiving an email, a new app update, or a missed call, etc. So, basically this app is responsible of advising you of any upcoming event within the device.

Can you uninstall BadgeProvider?

It is not possible to remove the BadgeProvider if you are a common user as it is a preinstalled software. But nothing is impossible and there is a way to disable the badge notifications. You can easily disable it at any moment you want. You can do so by entering into the app’s internal settings. Then, access to the option of Force Stop and Disable. However, you should note that the Disable option is unavailable on some devices. In these types of cases, you have to be a user with preferences in order to disable it.

What permission does the app has?

There are certain applications that require permissions so that they can work properly within the device. You can look into those settings by accessing to the internal application optionsand looking into Permissions. In regards to BadgeProvider app, it does not require any permissions.

BadgeProvider: Virus or Safe app?

BadgeProvider has a useful purpose as an internal built-in software for daily users. It is a very secure app and provides 100% security to its users. There may be some issues that you can face like it can show unexpected errors but is useful generally. We can easily conclude that it is a useful software that has its job within a device.

One of the problems that users may face is the  pop-up saying “unfortunately Badge provider has stopped”. However, we ensure you that this issue is not related to the app of BadgeProvider. You can solve this problem by using the option of Force Stop and Clear Data.

What to do if BadgeProvider is using too much battery?

There are not many disadvantages to BadgeProvider but one of it is the battery consumption. This is because all of its working in the background requires a considerable amount of battery. It brings necessary information so it may consume some battery but if it is more than usual they you have to tackle it.


We have given you all the necessary information about BadgeProvider you may require. Hope this solves your queries regarding it. Thank you for reading this blog.

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