Many users would really like to use their laptop’s screen as a display for console video games. Or, even for other devices, still wonder if they will use the HDMI port on their laptop to facilitate that. Do HP, Acer, Lenovo, Mi laptops have HDMI input ports? What do you think? You are still pondering over it so, let’s get into the topic does laptops have an HDMI input.

Does my Laptop has an HDMI input

It is very rare for a laptop to possess an HDMI Input port. Unless it’s a special piece of kit custom-built for displaying video from external sources. Generally, the HDMI ports on laptops are for output only. Laptop specifications from manufacturers generally will indicate whether the ports are input or output.

Does Laptops have HDMI input

How do we tell if our Laptop has HDMI input

All HDMI ports look equivalent whether or not they are input or output. So, it’s generally near impossible to tell whether a port is an input/output by simply glancing at it. The best effective method to tell the same is having a look at the listed specifications. And also, the features on the retail website that you simply purchased the laptop on like Amazon/Flipkart.

What does HDMI signify ?

HDMI is an abbreviated form for “High Definition Multimedia Interface“. It is an interface generally used to transmit video/audio from the sender to the receiver; or so as to say from one source to another.

How does HDMI port look like?

HDMI or the High Definition Multimedia Interface ports is generally on the side of the laptop body. Inspect the body and you will find 2-3 slots which are for USB and HDMI cables and for LAN wire connections. The HDMI ports come in 3-4 standards like the Standard HDMI Port having a width of around 14mm and height of 4.5mm . The other form is the Mini HDMI port measuring 10.5mm X 2.5mm. The another one is the Micro HDMI port, which measures around 6mm X 2.3mm.

Does Laptops have HDMI input

Note: That the HDMI ports provided in your laptops are generally the Output mode HDMI cable and not the HDMI input ports.

Why is it that Laptops don’t have HDMI input?

It is not that all laptops don’t have HDMI input. But about 90-95% of laptops generally don’t come with HDMI input but the HDMI output port. In my view, it’s far more difficult to comprehend an HDMI input on laptops because these ports need to affect High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and also, there are other variables at play like OS, device drivers, etc.

While, in the case of television, it’s easier to incorporate HDMI inputs because the software involved to display the video is far simpler. Now, that we are here let’s look into what is the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection(HDCP) that we just talked about.

Does Laptops have HDMI input

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HDCP is a form of digital copy protection to prevent people from copying or recording audio/video across a knowledge connection. Basically, when encrypted data (such as a Blu-ray disc) is streaming data from an HDMI output, the HDMI input receiving it needs to be ready to decode that encryption to play the media. On the surface, this makes complete sense. If you were a content creator, you wouldn’t want people to be ready to easily copy your stuff for resale or maybe personal use.

Anyone sufficiently old to recollect VCRs and cassette tapes will note that it had been super easy to form copies of these because there was no such protection in situ. But, what if you only want to use your laptop screen for the display of your console video games or as a secondary display for your desktop computer?

Can HDMI Output be changed to Input On Laptop?

In reality, it is almost impossible to be able to change the HDMI ouput slot to an input port on Laptops. It is so because the circuitry that is in-built is so designed. But, nevertheless, external adapters can take-in input from external sources and then process/transfer it to different devices through USB or any other medium ports.

How to Switch My Laptop To HDMI Input?

To progress with the above headline, we need to first see that our laptop is power-on. Thereafter, switch on the TV and set it to the channel that we want it to project so that the laptop automatically configures the settings to give best results. Then, we need to plug one terminal of the HDMI wire into the HDMI port on the TV and other terminal of the wire into the HDMI port of the laptop.


By visiting this article, it has become amply clear that it is near impossible; to convert/alter the HDMI output port into an HDMI input port. But, nevertheless we have seen various methods and ways to project the laptop screen on the TV. Like, with the help of these HDMI cable and the ports/external adapters. We have seen how to tell that the HDMI port in the laptop is an Input port or an output port. Thereby, proceeding with the topic as to why the laptops’ don’t generally come equipped with an HDMI input port. But, rather they come handled with HDMI output ports.

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