When AirPods were releasing, there was a lot of fanfare. Because some people liked the offer of Apple but others were showing disappointment. There were many reasons for this disappointment. For instance, removal of the headphone jack, and selling the AirPods separately. But Apple also did a lot of research before announcing it. They wanted to ensure that the final product was not only easy to use but provides value to the end-consumer also. In this blog, we will discuss AirPods and How to connect AirPods without a case?

How to connect AirPods without case?

You can connect the Apple AirPods to the iPhone wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection. These come in a small and stylish case using which you can recharge them when they are not in use. It makes them easy to use and handle. When you put them back in their case, a small indicator at the top will show their charging level. You have to put both of them in the case for charging as they can’t charge individually. ‘

In order to connect AirPods to iPhone, firstly connect them via Bluetooth. You can call it the primary mode of connection. In this blog, we will discuss the query of many people that whether their iPhone will connect to the AirPods if they use it without the case. Because of this confusion, many people carry the case along with them wherever they go. So, let’s dig deeper into a topic and find out.

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Can You Connect AirPods Without Case?

It is clearly confirmed by Apple’s official support page that the Apple AirPods case is designed for charging the AirPods only. The case does not contain any feature of Bluetooth technology and you don’t connect the case itself. When people lose connectivity between their AirPods and iPhone, the first thought that comes to their mind is that it’s because of the case. But this is not the case and you should just try reconnecting them back again.

How to connect AirPods without case?

If the problem still subsists then you have to take the AirPods to the official Apple Store. These problems can arise from time to time because Bluetooth technology is not perfect. The new generation AirPods are much safer than the older generation ones. The older are unreliable and more prone to problems. So, it is better to get them checked out if you are having consistent issues with connectivity.

In conclusion, the sole purpose of the case is to charge the AirPods. It is like a power bank that can keep your AirPods charged up on the go. Then you will not lose connection midway through your listening experience. Since AirPods are not like standardized headsets with buttons, they act as an extension of the iPhone itself. You will be able to control several essential functions of the device with basic gestures. AirPods are a great choice for people looking for a pair of earphones that can go along with their iPhone.

The new generation AirPods are better as Apple has brought great improvement to it. Because of which there are fewer disconnections and reliability has improved. Along with this, the battery life of AirPods has also improved considerably. As your query has been solved then let’s move on to how we can improve the connection.

How to connect AirPods without case ?

The procedure for connecting iPhone with the Airpods is pretty simple. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, navigate to your iPhone’s Home Screen.
  • Then, open the case of your AirPods but do not take the AirPods out yet. You just have to keep the case close to the iPhone for some time.
  • A setup animation will appear on the device along with a button prompt telling you to “Connect.”
  • There is a high-end version of the standard AirPods that goes by the name of AirPods Pro. If you are an owner of this one then you have to set up “Hey Siri!” on your device firstly. It is quite an easy process and you will be given instructions. After completing, a prompt will appear showing “Done.”
  • If you are already signed into iCloud then your AirPods will easily set up with the devices that support it.

When you will the AirPods out of the case then it will switch on and connect to the iPhone. You can easily use them right away. As soon as you put them in your ear, the audio that is on your iPhone will start playing in your ears. When you take one of your AirPods out, then the audio will pause. It will resume automatically if you put it back in your ear in under 15 seconds.

Apple design AirPods to provide its users with maximum control over the playback of audio. There is a wide variety of gestures through which you can play audio easily and maximize your control with minimal hassle.


From this discussion, it must be clear to you that the sole purpose of the case is for charging the Airpods. You have to delete this thought from your mind that AirPods are not working because the case is unavailable. Hope this helped you solve all your queries related to the AirPods and its case and How to connect AirPods without a case?. Thank you for reading our blog!

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