How to edit screenshots on Chromebook? If you want to know then continue reading this post and get your hands on this post as soon as you can. I will be even discussing various other issues like resolving problems. Also, why you’ll be having issues taking a screenshot will get a look-in too.

Brief Overview

If you’re new to Chromebooks, you’ll still be learning all the functionality and key shortcuts. One very great news for you is that the Chrome OS makes almost all tasks easy for users to perform. I will now thus, begin to explain the varied ways for you to take screengrabs, edit them and also thereafter send them to some person that you want. In addition to these, I’ll cover some common issues you may face while trying to take screengrabs and the methods to resolve them.

Taking screenshots

For a whole-screen screengrab, you need to press Ctrl + WIndows button together. While, for a partial-screen screengrab, you need to press the Ctrl + Shift + Windows button altogether to get the slice of your screen as a screengrab.

How to edit screenshots on Chromebook

You can also make use of the Snipping Tool that comes in-built as an application of Windows or the Chrombook. It’s pretty straightforward to use as :

  • Open the Snipping Tool.
  • Then, click on New .
  • And, then press and hover your cursor over the area you want to select as the screengrab.
  • Nothing else, the screenshot capturing is done successfully.

Do note, that the screengrabs that you take save as a .png picture file.

Where Are the Screenshots ?

As per the default architecture, the screenshots are generally saved in the Downloads folder, if not otherwise specified. You can get to this by clicking or selecting the launcher button (known as the Start Menu also) present at the lower right end of the screen. Therefore :

  • First click on the Start Menu (Windows Icon).
  • Then click on the up arrow and choose the files folder.
  • From there, do fast double-click to open the Downloads folder.
  • The screengrabs that have been saved will be labelled as : Name (date) (time) .png
  • To find screengrabs : Go to Files > Downloads

Changing the default Download Location

It might be that we want to change the Downloads folder for files on your Chromebook, and specify a folder of our choice as the default download location. For this, you only got to edit the settings. Let us see how :

  • Open Chrome
  • At the top-right corner, select More Settings.
  • Scroll to rock bottom , select Advanced.
  • Under ‘Downloads’, change the situation to your preference.

Editing the Screenshots on Chromebook

Now, that you have taken the screengrab, and found its location, you feel like editing it as per your choice. Therefore, let’s march over to the ways on how to edit screenshots on Chromebook. Chromebook makes it easy to edit, you just need to get a hang of the below-mentioned steps to be able to do so :

  • Locate your saved screengrab. Again, it’s labelled as Name (date) (time) .png
  • Doubly-click the grab to open it within the editor referred to as the image viewer.
  • Click on the Pen icon to enter edit mode.
  • A toolbar will appear where you decide on which edits to form, like cropping, rotating and resizing, brightness and other similar features.
  • After making edits, click the Pen icon again to save the edited file.

Now, that we have taken and edited the screenshots/screengrabs, we may have the urge or wish to send it to someone we like. For this, let’s head to the next section on sending screenshots.

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Sending Screenshots on Chromebook

If you’ve read the knowledge above on the ways to take a screenshot you’ll know that a small box will appear indicating that a screenshot has been taken. You also know that you have edited and saved the screenshot. If not done yet, then you may again refer to the above sections to take and edit a quality screengrab.

Now, suppose everything is done and now the only thing that remains is, you sending the screengrab file to someone for instance on GMail. In order to do this, you just simply need to follow the steps given below diligently :

  • Open GMail application or the
  • Compose your email
  • Locate and choose the fastener ICON to connect the screenshot.
  • Select the file(or screenshot) you’d wish to attach.
  • Wait for it to upload.
  • Thereafter, press the send button and hurray !! you have sent the screengrab that you just took and edited.

I am not able to capture Screenshots on Chromebook

Sometimes, we might face issues taking screenshots. Like, we may receive notifications that say “Screenshot” then displays “an error occurred” and finally fails to save the screengrab. Then, let’s see how to resolve these issues :

How to edit screenshots on Chromebook

It might be that you may not have the necessary admin permission. So, to resolve this :

  • Tap on the time on the screen at the bottom right corner.
  • You might get to see a Device Managed icon, this means taking screengrabs has been restricted by the admin.
  • Contact the admin and seek the solution then.

Your Chromebook might be needing a restart :

  • Try restarting the Chromebook.
  • Go to the Windows menu and from there select the restart/reboot option.

Note: You should also clear the Cache data before trying for a screengrab again. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace together.


This post is a culmination of various tips and tricks to take a screenshot, edit the screenshot and even send it to someone you wish to send the screengrab to. By now, you know that Chromebooks are great tools and are also very easy to use. It is only sometimes when faced with problems that we would need extra skills to perform certain tasks. Taking a screenshot is pretty straightforward so you ought to now be ready to take one, know where it’s stored. We also know by now, How to edit screenshots on Chromebook

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