In this blog, we will show you How to find galaxy buds case and also in no time. Are you trying to find your lost galaxy buds and have no answer or clue as to what you should do. Don’t worry we have got you covered there is a feature in the Samsung galaxy buds that will help you locate the lost buds. To find the earbuds, you need to use Find My Earbuds. Also, if you have misplaced the Galaxy buds while connected, they can be easily located if several conditions are met. Go through this blog with us and you will know How to find galaxy buds cases very easily. Let’s begin.

How to find galaxy buds case

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How to find galaxy buds case?

In order to use the Find My Earbuds also the earbuds must be connected to the phone and powered on.

Note: If you want to find your Samsung Buds you need to ensure. That the buds are in the range of 20 meters from your Samsung devices. So, when you start searching for the galaxy buds keep moving. So when you come in a range of connected smartphones they will start beeping.

  • Firstly, go to the Gaxaly Wearable app on your sasmung device.
  • Then scroll down and then open Find My Earbuds.
  • After that click on start. Now your Galaxy buds will start playing beeping sounds for 3 minutes and as the time passes the beeping sound will gradually increase.
  • Lastly, click on Stop to stop the beeping sound.

Why My Galaxy Buds Not Beeping or Find My EarBuds Not Working?

There might be several different reasons why Galaxy not beeping while locating them from Samsung phones.

  • There might be the battery of the Galaxy buds is dead.
  • Also, there might be a chance that your Galaxy buds and the phone range might not be in the range or just the bluetooth is disconnected.
  • The IR sensor in the Galaxy buds play an important role in ind My Earbuds feature, if any obstacle or nearby object is interfering you may not hear the beep sound or if the connection is severed.
  • Also, when you took off the Galaxy Buds from your ear the automatic mute function might be activated and that is why you might not hear the Galaxy buds.
  • Lastly, earbuds touchpad is covered in dust.

How to find Galaxy Buds when not connected?

How to find case when not connected. If you are this answer then the answer is you can’t. Samsung doesn’t provide such ability to find the galaxy buds when not connected to the phone.


Here is everything you need to know on How to find case? We discussed in detailed the things you need to do on How to find galaxy buds case? Also, if there might be complications why those complications might be happening. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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