OsuLogin is a component interface for the mobile hotspot. As you all know, the hotspot is the connection of a device with another device with the help of WiFi LAN, Bluetooth, or via cable (USB). In the blog of “OsuLogin android”, we will discuss all the information related to this built-in application. It basically explains to its users the main function of the android apps.

OsuLogin Android

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Use of OsuLogin

OsuLogin is basically in charge to control the mobile tethering of your smartphone. You will be able to find it with the next android package com.android.hotspot2.osu. Many people have been confused about the purpose of this internal app so we cleared that doubt.

Can you uninstall OsuLogin?

As already mentioned before, OsuLogin is a built-in program so it will be better to not touch it. It is not possible to uninstall this app if you are a normal user. But it is a very small app anyway that will not interfere with the performance of your smartphone. In a case where you are having issues then we have a solution for you. Firstly, go to the app’s internal settings and look at the available options. You will find the options of Force Stop and Disable.

Permission for OsuLogin Android

You will be able to find permissions for this app in the internal settings of your device. You can look at these settings just like any other app and track them in the system apps of your device. So, basically, there is no permission required for OsuLogin.

OsuLogin Android: Virus or not?

Those people who do not know about OsuLogin may find it weird. But it is just a normal app like many others. Also, it has an important role assigned to it so, you cannot consider it a virus or malware. However, if you are still facing issues in relation to this application then you can try to either disable it or factory restart your phone. Doing this will reestablish the system operations.

What to do if OsuLogin Android consumes too much battery?

Firstly, you should note that OsuLogin is a very small app. So, it will not consume much battery anyway. There have been no records or complaints from users having issues with the battery consumption of this program.

However, we are still discussing this query in case you are facing some kind of issues related to OsuLogin. The best solution to this problem is to factory reset the phone. This we have already discussed above so it must be clear to you.


In this blog, we have discussed what is OsuLogin Android and what is it for. We hope that everything is clear to you and this blog was helpful to you. Thank you for reading our blog.

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