Making progress on Twitter is a combination of many things it requires networking and also providing value to other users. So, if you do it right you end up being famous and have an incredible list of friends. And also get to know a lot of outside Twitterverse. But not everything goes according to plan and people end up losing followers. So, here we are with a guide on how to find out Who unfollowed me in Twitter.

This guide will feature two different and simple ways you can do to find out who unfollowed me in Twitter. Once you have gone through this method you will be able to see which of your followers were there to stay and which ones were here only to say hi.

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1: Who Unfollowed You?

Who unfollowed me in Twitter

WhoUnfollowedMe is a simple user web app that is designed to help you track your Twitter growth. This app will help you see how many followers you have gained, or how many you have lost over the time period of a week or a month. The platform has a simple interface. All you need to do is simply sign in with your Twitter info and you can start your search from easy to use and navigate dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can easily check on new followers and see people who unfollowed me in Twitter, and the ones who came looked at your profile followed you and quickly unfollowed you. If you want to have a look at what’s going on in your follower count WhoUnfollowedMe is a good place to start the search. You can also go pro with $25 per year or $119 for lifetime service.

2: UnfollowerStats

how to find out who unfollowed on Twitter

UnfollowerStats is also one of those web apps that you can use to check who unfollowed you. You can also download the platform’s app which you can use only if you are an Apple user when you want to check your Twitter growth through your phone. At base, the platform is free to use but if you want a little more you can pay $4.99 a month and you can enjoy some bonus and ad-free use.

Who unfollowed me in Twitter

The first thing you need is to log in to the platform. Once you have logged in you can check up any details you want to control the panel to the left of your screen. Also, you get information on who unfollowed you by just clicking on the stat button on the top of the screen. Through this, you can easily be top of your game in the follower counts movement. UnfollowerStats is a good way to stay on top of your game.

Extra tools to find out who unfollowed you

The two tools we mentioned above are all you need to find out who unfollowed you. You shouldn’t be bothering yourself much about this as these tools will take care of everything. However, if you are not satisfied and need something extra to go down to the depth of why you are losing followers. The three tools given below will help you to get all the answers you need.

How to stop losing followers

If you are losing followers continuously it does disappoint you.’ We all want the count of our followers go up. Though it is not something that should affect your deeply. But still, if you are connected to your account and want it to grow. You need to worry about how to stop losing followers rather than worry about who unfollowed you.

How to stop people from unfollowing you?

Shift your focus

The first thing you need to do is shifting your focus. If you think you losing followers is making you angry or frustrated please look the other way. Don’t get caught up in what numbers say rather than focus on the quality of the content. Focus on sharing meaningful and good content will leave you with a good experience and healthy state of mind rather than fearing or worrying about the followers.


One thing to keep in mind is that you are less likely to lose your followers if you are staying in touch with them. If you don’t want to lose any of your followers then show them that they are the best and you value them above everything else. Don’t only focus on your content nobody will care about that if they will think you don’t care about them. There is no point to have a massive following with zero engagement.


This is the way by which you can see Who unfollowed me in Twitter. Also, you don’t have to take these things on your heart because occasional follower leaving doesn’t describe you. Some things are inevitable you just need to focus on your positive impact so that you and your follower list are bound to go upwards at some point or the other. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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