I have lost my wireless mouse USB receiver. So, I am looking for one wireless mouse USB replacement. Which one do you suggest? This question was asked by my friend Soumya. I suggested to her some Wireless mouse brands I also did provide her some tricks to work her out. The idea of writing a post on this topic came from there only. So, here I am presenting to you this topic. Munch on it till the end to get the utmost out of this post and more your life awesome.


Wireless keyboards and mouse have become increasingly popular by the day during these times of work from home. Various brands like the evergreen Microsoft, Logitech, and several other companies which manufacture computer peripherals have come up with their own wireless devices all at reasonable prices.

These wireless devices come accompanied by a dongle that acts as a facilitator of communication between the peripherals and the computer system. You just need to plug in the dongle and be ready to use the devices right away.

Wireless Mouse USB Replacement

I have lost my USB receiver for Wireless Mouse — Now what?

For someone to be ready to use a wireless mouse with a special receiver, you’ll first need a receiver that’s compatible with the precise mouse you’ve got. And also you need access to the programming software/manual on the way to reprogram your wireless mouse.

So, while it’s not practically impossible, the entire procedure is essentially out of your reach. However, there are some general exceptions for Bluetooth mouse which work with any standard Bluetooth receiver and mouse.

On the contrary, there also are other receivers that are programmed to only hook up with certain device ID your mouse transmits, and it’s impossible for the user to vary or reprogram it. In this case, if you lose the USB receiver, you can’t use a special receiver aside from a similar one.

Therefore, tread cautiously, if the mouse is expensive then buy any USB compatible mouse for use. Otherwise, if it is quite inexpensive and for daily use, then buy a quality mouse with its own set of USB receivers also.

Is it possible to use a wireless mouse without any USB receiver ? Wireless Mouse USB Replacement

Probably, the correct answer to this question is a big NO. You can’t use a wireless mouse without any USB receiver. You need to understand, that there should be some sort of an interconnection between the mouse and the system. The USB receiver here facilitates or makes that interconnecting bridge. Hence, it is necessary to have a USB receiver to be able to use a wireless mouse.

  • You just need to plug in the USB receiver in the USB port of your system.
  • Wait for a few moments.
  • Then, what ? Your system will detect the connected mouse and hurray! you can now use your wireless mouse.

A typical USB receiver

If we take a careful look of the USB receiver, we find that it’s a comparatively small piece of technology. In most cases, your receiver goes to suit in between your index and your thumb. It’s incredibly small, to the purpose that when you insert it into the USB port, you would possibly even need to use your nails to pry it out again. Therefore, the probabilities of this tiny receiver getting lost are incredibly high.

Wireless Mouse USB Replacement

In case you lose your USB receiver, then you can search on Amazon or Flipkart and other such trustworthy sources for purchasing your USB receiver. Also, you must download the free unifying software of the company of your USB receiver. After downloading it, you need to also install it and then continue following the instructions to complete the setup and make it ready for your use.

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Why are USB receivers generaally so small ??

The answer to this question is anyways pretty simple. Companies want to become sure that the receivers they create are easy to use and don’t get in the way of the typical user. Suppose, you’ve got other peripherals connected within the USB ports, a much bigger receiver is merely getting to get within the way. to stop that from happening,

These mouse-making companies usually create smaller receivers that are easier to put in. Moreover, the receiver is meant to be small in order that once you plug it in, you don’t need to worry about it ever again. You’ll just leave it in, which allows you to juice out the utmost from your keyboard and mouse.

How Does the USB receiver work ?

The keyboard and mouse both have a transmitter inside them having the same frequency as that of the receiver. This frequency is secure and locked. It is in lock-mode, by the manufactures so that it does not become an obstacle or hinder connecting different peripheral devices to our systems.

The USB receiver may vary for different items and/or different models of peripheral devices and is similar for the same set/ same models but nevertheless with a different frequency. It is done so in order that the two frequencies don’t clash or overlap or blend and cause hindrances.

Is a replacement USB receiver an option — When I have lost it ?

Firstly, whenever we lose any peripheral devices or interconnecting bridge devices, we should get in touch with their technical service support team. It is because they are the best persons to come out with the best solution possible for our problems.

If there is another USB receiver that is compatible with the same models of the keyboard and mouse and having also the same frequency, then you might place an order for that. But, that is generally not possible as generally two- frequencies are never similar. In such cases, thus, I dread we may have to generally go for buying the whole set of peripheral devices and such compatible USB receivers for the same.


So, hopefully after going through this blog post, you will now not face many problems. Especially when thinking about Wireless Mouse USB replacement. You will have got a good knowledge as to what to do in various cases. Like when you have lost your mouse or maybe the USB receiver or the dongle itself.

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