How to find Network Security Key without Internet? This is a common question that people using wireless internet service generally have. It is obviously the responsibility of the user to keep the wireless network secure.


Wifi(Wireless fidelity) is a quite common technology in use nowadays. You would possibly have a separate Wi-Fi network in your house like I do, and even in your school, or in your office. With the assistance of the network, you’ll easily hook up with the Internet. There comes the concept of the Network Security Key. This key is quire important because it is the key to your security and privacy. But people are generally not concerned or aware of this key. This is why we will be discussing about the Network Security Key.

Network Security Key

It is also referred to as the Wi-fi or wireless security password. It’s a password that you simply must enter to attach to your wireless network. Generally, we are prompted to enter the password whenever we connect to the wireless network. This password as all other passwords must be very secure and private. For, eg. it generally should be a combination of numerals, special characters and alphabets.

Network Security Key Types

Now, let’s begin by talking about the varied sorts of network security keys that you simply can use to guard your network security.

WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy

The WEP security key’s one among the oldest variants in use today. Wireless Networks have been using it for sometime now. The key makes use of a 40-bit encryption to supply adequate encryption for the info being sent to and from your router. This encryption is sort of easy to crack nowadays, and it’ll expose all of the traffic on your router to a hacker. Latest routers and even other access points provide no support for WEP now.

WPA – Wi-fi Protected Access

Then, you’ve got the WPA. It is in use for quite some time and remains a standard across the industry. The arrival of WPA 3 will be soon, and it can greatly improve the protection of your wireless network. Network security keys that are protected with WPA 2 are never easy to crack, and that they are incredibly secure. The WPA protocol makes use of a short lived key, referred to as a TKIP, which continues to vary whenever a replacement packet is shipped .

How to find Network Security Key without Internet

Finding the Network Security Key on Router

The Network Security Key is generally mentioned on the underside of the Router. If you can’t find that, your only option is to seem for the key through the access point or by connecting to a different device.

For Windows 10

  • Click on Start Menu > Network Connections
  • Then go to Network and Sharing Center
  • Select your Wireless Network > Wireless Properties
  • Now, go to Security, there you will find the Hidden Password just click on the eye button present there to view it.

For Windows 7

  • Open Control Panel > Networks & Internet
  • Then go to Network and Sharing Center > double click on Change Adapter Settings
  • Skect Wi-fi > Wireless Properties
  • Then go on to Connection and Security
  • Click on Security and then select Show Characters.

For Mac Users

  • Click on the search icon
  • Then, type Keychain access on the Search bar.
  • Once you enter the Keychain access screen > Wi-fi network
  • Click on the Show Password box.

How to change your Wi-fi Password

  • Open Command Prompt using Start Menu > Run > cmd
  • Type in “ipconfig” and press Enter.
  • Type in your IP address in the address bar that prompts.
  • You then view the login page of the router.
  • Find the Wireless, Wireless Security or Wireless Settings
  • Select WPA2.
  • Then, change the password key
  • Now, reconnect your router with a new password.

WRAPPING UP — How to find Network Security Key without Internet

I have tried to give you a very detailed explanation on this topic. For this we have covered various sub-topics like the types of Netowrk Security Key, Changing wifi Passowrds, etc.

If you’ve got any questions on network security keys, be happy to go away them within the comments section below and we’ll do our greatest to answer them as soon as possible.

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