You must be aware of the most addictive game Cookie clicker. We are going to discuss some cheats in the Cookie clicker that will make it easier for you to bake cookies significantly. In this blog, we will discuss the topic of Cookie clicker auto clicker and provide you with the best Cheats.

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Cookie clicker Auto clicker

Cookie clicker Auto clicker

The application Auto Click Typer 2.0 is designed for the comfort of gamers whose primary focus is on click-based games such as Minecraft and Cookie Clicker. This software allows the automation of keyboard clicks and mouse. You can use it wherever you wish and any number of times you want with a described clicking speed. If you want to download the software and learn its workings then visit the page of

The console window for Cookie Clicker open

Firstly, you have to open the console or Java in order to use the Cheats to enter in your browser. The procedure is as follows depending on the browser:

  • Chrome: Open Cookie Clicker and then click on the menu bar and tap on “View” option -> “developer” -> “Javascript console”.
  • Internet Explorer: You have to press for opening the Cookie Clicker page,  “F12” -> “console”.
  • Firefox: Firstly, open Cookie Clicker in Firefox and then tap the key combination of “Ctrl+Shift+K”.
  • Opera: After opening the Cookie Clicker page, you have to open it with the key combination “Ctrl+Shift+I” -> “console”, the console window.

Cookie Clicker: Cheat Codes

After opening the console window, you just have to enter the desired Cheat Code and confirm it by pressing the Enter key. Then, download the browser window and you will be able to make all the Cheats back.

  • Game.cookies=number (it means the number of cookies adapted)
  • Game.cookies=Infinity (it means infinite cookies)
  • Game.cookiesd=0 (it means infinty display reset again)
  • Game.cookiesPS=number (It sets the rate of cookies persecond)
  • var autoClicker = setInterval(function() { Game.Click cookie(); }, 10); (It can automatically click on the Cookie)
  • clearInterval(autoClicker); (in this you have to auto-click the cookie again for finishing)
  • Game.Win(‘ACHIEVEMENT’); (Lastly, replace ACHIEVEMENT with any name of Achievements so that you can get the achievement)
Cookie clicker Auto clicker


In this blog of Cookie clicker Auto clicker, we discussed all the required details for you. Hope you make use of these Cheat Codes well. Thank you for reading our blog!

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