The DQA Android app is brief for Device Quality Agents. This app was designed by Samsung for its range of smartphones with the aim to be an inter-mediator between the networks. You’ll have deeper information about this built-in app if you go on reading the entire material explained during this article.

What is DQA ?

Basically what DQA does is to see for the standard of your Wi-Fi. This is does to confirm you’ll not experience any problem while getting access to an unknown internet connection. There are some reports of users that the program is showing some error messages once they attempt to hook up with Wi-Fi that reads “Samsung DQA Keeps Stopping.” This message are often stressful, especially for people that have new phones.

DQA Android

You’ll notice if you switch your Wi-Fi off, you’ll stop getting those messages. Some have had success with going into your running Apps and force stopping the DQA. Though Samsung did have a drag with it they sent out an OTA update to repair it. Because it kept giving some users the message that it had stopped.

Will I be able to uninstall DQA Android App ?

You can not uninstall DQA since this is system software and comes pre-installed on your device unless you flash your phone which isn’t recommended for us. There is no harm in this app. It is neither a virus, nor a bloatware/malware or any spyware as such. It is just a simple system app which is necessary for some or the other functioning of your device. Your device may malfunction if you try to remove this app.

Permissions for DQA

As you’ll see below, the DQA has no permissions to the right functioning in your device. You’ll also check on this within the internal app settings which mentions in as ” No Permissions Required “…

DQA Android

Ways to Fix Errors arising out of DQA Android

Even with problems that this app (DQA) has been showing within the past, this software is totally safe thanks to the very fact that’s provided by Samsung. Within the case, your smartphone still shows the common errors previously explained, you’ll follow these steps for a possible thanks to fix it:


  • The first thing that you simply need to do is to reboot your smartphone.
  • Clear the cache partition through recovery.
  • Close up your phone, hold the facility , Volume Up.
  • On an Android Screen, once you see the “No Command” option, hold the facility button and press volume up to access the recovery process.
  • You’ll want to use the quantity keys on the side of the phone to maneuver right down to highlight “Wipe Cache Partition” .
  • Then press the facility button to verify .
  • Then, your device reboots.
  • This may solve your problem.

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Disabling the High Performance Mode

  • Go to Settings Menu
  • Attend Apps.
  • Then tap on the menu.
  • You would like to seek out the choice “Show System Apps” and locate the DQA app.
  • Enter there and force stop.

Take help from a DQA Disabler

  • There are a couple of different apps out there which will do that .
  • You would like to download the app and grant it a bunch of permissions.
  • Then you would like to seek out the DQA on the Systems Tab and make sure that the app can override what the phone wants to try to.
  • It should be known that this step will cost you money (don’t download one among the free ones).
  • Once more , this is often just a bandage situation and you ought to check to ascertain if the other options will work first.

Turn off the Wi-fi services

  • Once again, if you’re trying to find a fast fix in order that you’ll do something on your phone or tablet, and you’ve got access to a different internet source.
  • You’ll just close up your Wi-fi.
  • This is often a bandage to the matter, but anyways it’s helpful.

Factory Reset the System

This is the last step that you may have to perform. It is the ultimate step and this will surely solve any issues if it still persists after going through the above steps.

  • Attend Settings Menu.
  • Seek for General management.
  • Thereafter, Click on Reset.
  • Then, move to Factory data reset.
  • Finally, tap the push button and enter your screen lock if there’s any.

Note: One should first backup the device data because factory resetting your device will result in the complete loss of all data in the system (both, internal and external).


This error message of “DQA Keeps Stopping” has started to come after the first day one update for various Samsung mid-range phones like Galaxy S8 and its plus model, on connecting to Wi-fi services. Therefore, in this post we have seen a complete background of the DQA Android App. Various other facets of the app and the multitude of options for you to fix the errors arising out of it.

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