We all have heard about the Discord application, the discord server, isn’t it? Discord is known all over the world to professionals, collaborators, organizations, and gamers alike. If you’re a gamer, you surely ought to be aware of the Discord service. How it effectively helps you exchange messages and concepts relatively efficiently. While most of your Discord messages are often cordial. There are instances where some messages may seem as better to delete. There may be certain other messages which you accidentally or even intentionally delete. So, we will learn how to see deleted messages on Discord in this article.

Discord Power

On Discord, you’ve got the power to delete your own messages. You can delete any of your messages simply by pressing right-click selecting the delete option that comes up. But take note, when you delete your message, it’ll be deleted for everybody. In other words, other users won’t be ready to see your message anymore. Similarly, if someone deletes their message, you won’t be ready to see it in chat.

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How to see Deleted Messages on Discord

Can you see Deleted Messages on Discord

Yes, it is possible to view all your deleted messages on the Discord app. But for that you will need to take the help of certain specialized apps. These apps allow you to see your deleted messages. These plugins not only allow you to view deleted messages but also edited messages.

  • You can see deleted messages on Discord by downloading BetterDiscord and therefore the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.
  • The MessageLoggerV2 plugin allows you to ascertain deleted and edited messages on Discord.
  • But note, that these plugins are against Discord’s policy, so use them at your own risk.

How to see Deleted Messages on Discord

  • To see deleted messages on Discord, you will have to download BetterDiscord and/or MessageLoggerV2.
  • Then, add them to the pluggins folder to further enable them.
  • After you’ve enabled MessageLoggerV2, you’ll be ready to see deleted messages on Discord by opening the log.
  • You can do so by right-clicking the server and clicking on “Open Logs”.
  • In the “Deleted” tab that ensues, you’ll see the deleted messages on Discord.
  • You’ll even be ready to see the date and time of the deleted message.
  • In addition, you’ll clear the log by clicking on the “Clear log” button.

Now, let’s see each step one-by-one in details :

  • DOWNLOAD BETTERDISCORD : As it increases Discord’s functionality by facilitating various plugins and themes. You can download plugins and themes via the BetterDiscord website. To begin with, visit the BetterDiscord website here: https://betterdiscord.app/.
  • DOWNLOAD MESSAGELOGGERV2 : Go to : https://gitlab.com/Lighty/bdstuff/blob/master/public/plugins/MessageLoggerV2.plugin.js. And proceed to download it. MessageLoggerV2 may be a plugin that permits you to ascertain deleted messages on Discord.
  • ADD IT TO PLUGINS AND ALSO ENABLE THE SAME : Open Discord on your desktop > Go to settings. Thereafter head to the “Better Discord” header > “Plugins” > “Open Plugins Folder” > Open the saved MessageLoggerV2 folder. Now, drag and drop it into the plugins folder and then enable it.
  • OPEN LOGS : After you’ve enabled various plugins as mentioned above like MessageLoggerV2, you’ll be ready to see deleted and edited messages on Discord. Go to Discord app > Right-click on the server’s name. > “Message Logger” > Proceed to Open Logs. Thereafter, visit the “Deleted” tab and find your inventory of deleted messages all at one place.

Another method is Using the YAGPDB Bot

There are many bots which we can utilize to get deleted messages within the audit log. Here, we will see another such bot known as the YAGPDB Bot. Note, only those users with admin rights can use this app. Also, a point to take care is, the free version shows only the last 10deleted messages thereof. And, if you wish to see more number of messages then you will have to upgrade. Let’s see the way to set-up this bot to the discord server :

How to see deleted messages on Discord
  • Open the YAGPDB website and click on on increase server from the highest menu of the location .
  • Add YAGPDB to discord
  • Select a server from the drop-down where you would like to feature this bot.
  • In the next box click on, Authorize.
  • The bot will now be added to the discord server.
  • Open your discord dashboard, then click on the server where you only added the bot.
  • Now type the command –ud –a to recover the last 10 deleted messages

Reporting a Deleted Message

Discord team requires all three IDs to proceed through your request and take relevant actions as deemed necessary. Therefore, whenever your are in such a crunch situation, be ready to record all the 3-IDs of that user and also take its screenshot and then file a complaint.

Even if the message gets deleted, as long as you’ve got the server ID and therefore the user ID, you’ll still report it and fasten the screenshot as proof. you’ll either use the official form or send an email to abuse@discordapp.com.

Note : Its extremely easy to change a username on Discord . This is the main reason that you need to submit the user’s ID along side your screenshot.

SUMMARY — How to see Deleted Messages on Discord

The MessageLoggerV2 plugin is against Discord’s terms of service, so you’ve got to use it at your own risk. Besides seeing deleted messages, you’ll also see edited messages. For you to ascertain them, you would like to attend for somebody to delete or edit their message. Hope this article helps you in your endeavour to view deleted messages and also edited messages. Furhtermore, if you have any more queries then feel free to connect through via the comments section. Till next time See-ya !! 🙂

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