How to set up auto Host on Twitch? The Host mode is a kind of an in-built feature available to Twitch users. It goes on to allow you to combine things up for your subscribers by broadcasting live streams from other Twitch. tv channels. It’s a relatively uncomplicated way of remaining relevant without even being original content creators. However, there’s a downside to this practice. Thus, I will show you How to set up auto Host on Twitch and also tell you various other facts about Hosting.

How to Host Someone on Twitch?

There are numerous reasons behind Twitch streamers organizing extravagant hosting parties. The most common reason being for promotional purposes. Even a content creator having lesser fan-following can increase his/her followers by live-streaming their content on bigger channels. Thus, in turn, enhancing their online community presence and social standing.

How to set up auto Host on Twitch

Hosting is ideal for organizing charity streams, conferences, and similar events. Some creators even hold live concerts on Twitch during which other musicians make special appearances. Some of the most important gaming tournaments, like SGDQ and EVO, are broadcast via host mode. this enables you to enjoy esports events while chatting with other viewers in real-time. All in all, you’ll just about use hosting for any high participation activity.

How do we do it ?

  • Using chatbox commands.
  • By Mobile Host Mode (iOS only).
  • And, also by enabling Auto Host.

How to Auto Host Other Streamers on Twitch?

The most common way is to start out a number party is by inviting creators through your chatbox. Here’s the way to host other streamers on Twitch:

Using Chatbox Command

  • Open your chatbox.
  • Find the channel you would like to host and replica the name.
  • Paste it into your chat and add “/host” ahead of it.
  • If you would like to feature another channel, you’ll use the “/host” command again.

Using Mobile Hosting

If you don’t want to be tied to your seat while streaming, you’ll enable the Mobile Host Mode. Here’s the way to host other streamers on Twitch using the mobile app:

  • Download Twitch app from App Store.
  • Click on the small gear icon to open a menu .
  • Choose the choice to “Host” from rock bottom of the list.
  • Find the channel you would like to host.

Note : This mode is presently available for iOS users only.

Stopping Hosting on Twitch

You can wrap things up smoothly by employing a simple command. Here’s the way to stop hosting on Twitch through the chatbox:

  • Open your chat with the guest channel.
  • Type “/unhost” ahead of their username.

Disadvantages of Hosting Another Channel?

Although hosting is usually fun, there are a couple of potential disadvantages. The most important issue is certainly the shortage of control. Here are a couple of things that will fail when hosting another channel:

  • No chemistry between the host and you : It may be that the host is not compatible with you.
  • Non-responsive audience : Sometimes you may get non-responsive audience because maybe the host has a different content audience not compatible with you.
  • Delayed communication : It maybe tha once you enable host mode, your followers can’t see the banner. It’s important to recollect to post your offline messages elsewhere.
  • Other solutions. If your sole reason for hosting is to stay active, there are other ways. for instance , you’ll use the Twitch Video-On-Demand feature.

Raid vs Twitch

Raids are a funny means of engaging with your online community. They typically happen right after the top of a number party. Unlike broadcasting, raids don’t last that long and are much more spontaneous.

Once the stream is over, the remaining viewers are sent back and forth to new channels as a part of a Twitch Raid. There, they will participate in chat room discussions, interact with new streamers, and potentially join their channels.

If you’re itching for brand spanking new subscribers, raids are an excellent opportunity to spice up your following. Just confirm to steer beyond any blatant self-promotion. which will make people uncomfortable and cause them to quit the raid. It’s best to let people hype you up.

Always give your followers a touch heads-up before you redirect them to a replacement channel. you’ll make a quick announcement at the top of your broadcast before you initiate the raid.

Initiating a Raid

  • Open chatbox.
  • Type the channel name that you wish to raid.
  • Write “/raid” ahead of the username.
  • Click on “Raid Now”.
  • Wait for a few moments and you will conduct a Raid.

Managing a Raid

  • Go to the “Creator Dashboard”
  • Then, proceed to Settings, thereafter, go to Stream
  • Choose the default setting.

Banning a Raider

If someone has been harassing you with unwelcome Twitch Raids, you’ll ban them from your channel.

  • Open chat “Settings.”
  • Go to “Recent Raids.”
  • Select the unwelcome channel and Clic on “Ban”
How to set up auto Host on Twitch

What’s Twitch Auto Host?

Instead of only hosting parties manually or when you’re live, Twitch can also be used by you to Auto-Host. Auto-Host enables you to feature other creators and team members to your channel when you’re offline.

How to enable Auto Host on Twitch ?

  • Go to the Creator Dashboard option and thereafter, click on Channel Settings.
  • Find “Auto-Hosting” on the list below.
  • Turn it on by clicking the switch next thereto.
  • Now, go to the “Host List” section and shortlist the channels accordingly.
  • Once you’re done, click Save Changes.

Advantage of Hosting streamers on your Channel

There are many advantages that accompany hosting another channel.

  • Hosting other streamers on your channel provides you with exposure and also let’s you connect to your fellow content creators.
  • Twitch allows you to arrange host parties wherever and whenever; even when you’re offline.
  • Overall, it’s an excellent feature available to all or any sorts of streamers.

CONCLUSION — How to set up auto Host on Twitch

So, in this post, we have seen the various pros and cons of Auto Hosting on Twitch. We have seen how we get more exposure and fan-following but also we are not in control of the media and we may even make our fans bored. We also came to know about the difference between a Raid and a Twitch. Hoping that you find this article useful and succeed in your task of performing Auto-Host on Twitch.

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