You cannot shower or swim while using AirPods Pro. Also, if your Airpods get wet from sweat or rain then you should dry them off before charging them. This is because AirPods Pro can resist sweat and water. But you should not assume it same as being waterproof. In this blog, we will discuss in detail the topic of ‘Is AirPods Pro waterproof?’

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Is AirPods Pro waterproof

Can You Shower With AirPods Pro?

Is AirPods Pro waterproof

When you see an advertisement for AirPods Pro you will see them advertising it as water-resistant and they will not break because of some water. They tempt you to use them in situations where you can get wet but not fully submerged such as in the shower. This is because it is dangerous and your AirPods Pro can face damages if you wear them in the shower. You can supposedly shower earing your AirPods Pro if you are not planning to wash your hair and you don’t direct water towards your head or ears. But even with such precautions, they can get wet and damaged. Apple gave a warning that water protection keeps reducing with use and age. So, as time passes by the chance of your AirPods Pro incurring damages by water increases.

You have to note that even if AirPods Pro is water-resistant, some level of water intrusion will occur when you use them in the shower. There is a chance that water will reach them even when you are careful and avoid direct water.

Can I Wear AirPods Pro in the Rain?

There are certain activities like swimming which are not on the table with AirPods Pro because it is very dangerous for it. However, you must be thinking about other activities like working out or getting out in the rain. The general rule is that you should avoid getting your AirPods Pro in water. But the instance mentioned above is grey areas. In a case where there are heavy rains then we recommend you to keep your AirPods Pro in a dry pocket until the rain clears. A little sprinkle won’t affect it but facing rain has the potential to damage them. Please note that if your AirPods Pro has water intrusion then you should not keep them in their charging case. We recommend you keep them in a dry pocket and dry them before charging.

Is AirPods Pro waterproof?

AirPods 1 and AirPods 2, IPX4 have ingress protection (IP) that is shared by AirPods Pro. This means that they can withstand splashes of water from any angle or direction. They have a rating that has an association with resisting sweat products. It is necessary because sweat can splash on Airpods from anywhere if you are wearing them during exercising. If the rain is drizzling then also it will protect the AirPods.

In order for a device to be safe in the shower or swimming, you should go for a rating of IPX7 or higher. Since AirPods Pro has a rating of IPX4, you will likely experience water ingression when you expose it to sweat or light splashes of water. There is a certainty of damage if you fully submerge them in water for any amount of time.

What to do if the AirPods Pro get in water?

In case your AirPods get wet, it is necessary to dry them before you use or charge them. If you attempt to charge AirPods after they were in the water, it will damage them further so don’t do so. So, dry them before you put them back in the charging case. In accordance with what Apple has said, AirPods Pro can withstand sweat from exercising and non-water sports. It can also tolerate light drizzle and brief exposure to rain. In case there is no water intrusion then just place them back in the charging case after wiping them dry.

The AirPods Pro is not designed for situations such as:

  • Shower
  • High-velocity water
  • Submerging them in water
  • High moisture places like steam rooms and saunas
  • Running water

If you get them in any of the above situations or worse accidentally then it will become harder to dry them. You should wipe them with a lint-free cloth and keep them out for a long time for drying. We recommend you avoid putting them for charging for a minimum of 12 hours. It can also take longer and you can check it by shaking them and see if any additional moisture presents itself.

You can set your AirPods Pro in a plastic bag with some silica gel if you have it. If the case is also wet then place it within another packet with the gel. You should be more careful with the case because they are not even water resistant and it will cause permanent damage.


We hope that you take all the precautions we mentioned in this blog of “Is AirPods Pro waterproof?” If the AirPods Pr5o is still not working after putting them with silica gel for 24 hours then you should contact Apple. Now you should consider your replacement options. Thank you for reading our blog!

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