Now the world we are living in there is no life without the internet. Also, now the internet becoming real cheap and almost essential for most homes working or not. We can also say that there are only some of the electronics in the house that work 24×7 and the modem is one of them. The thought never crosses our mind that today we have used enough internet let’s close it now. This is one of the reasons for modem getting hot. But this is not good for modem and also heating of a modem is not a good thing.

How can you solve the issue of Modem getting hot? One of the ways by which you can easily cool an overheating modem is by using a cooling fan. If you don’t know what a cooling fan is let us tell you. Cooling fans are flat and horizontal devices where you can place your modem as the fan runs beneath it. This can prevent your modem from overheating. But there are other precautions too that you should take to prevent modem getting hot. Let’s jump into action and take a look.

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Tips to prevent overheating in routers and modems

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Modem getting hot

Firstly, if your router is placed directly near a window and under direct sunlight, we think you need to reconsider the position. Direct sunlight can cause the Modem getting hot problem. You should avoid placing any device directly under the sun as it causes heating problems in any electronic device. Also, if you cannot reposition your modem try to cover your modem with something to avoid the issue of heating.

Use a cooling Pad

Modem getting hot

Now there are different sizes of small pads which are made particularly for cooling devices that may overheat. The devices include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, modems, and routers. The cooling pad is a horizontal fan that is inside a slim chassis. The height of the fan is not too high so that the user can be in discomfort while using the device. The fan receives the power through a USB power port.

So, when you place your modem on the cooling fan it will blow constant cool air and will not allow your modem to overheat. Therefore the problem is prevented. If your router doesn’t have a USB port you can use a USB power port that is close by.

Do not place random things on and around your modem

Many times overheating problem occurs because the modem is not getting any proper air circulation. This problem can happen when you place unnecessary things around your modem. For example, if you place your modem against your wall. The wall may be the reason that is preventing the circulation of air into the modem. Or if you may have an animal that likes to sit beside your hot modem that can also cause air circulation issues. You can place your modem on a raised flat surface and provide some space behind and also on the sides for proper circulation.


Modem getting hot

This is one device that you can use if you live in a hot and humid region. There is nothing that can be done about humid weather we just have to roll with it. The best way to deal with the issue is by using a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will provide you with proper air circulation and will help your modem not overheat from time to time.

Switch off when not in use

This is a smart way to prevent your modem from overheating and it will also increase the lifespan of your modem. People don’t often recognize this and just let their modem run as they are immortal. This should not be the case. Your modem may be a machine but then also it needs a break from time to time. Switching off your modem from time to time will really help your modem in a long run.

Disable the features that are not in use

When you run your router there are a lot of other things that are also running in the background. Other things include connection logging which you can easily disable to reduce the workload of the modem router. This will help you increase your modem performance immensely and also reduce the heating problem.

Use a fan

Modem getting hot

Same as the cooling pad but a little different. A fan can also help your modem to cool faster. There are different ranges of smaller fans that are available over the internet that you can just place beside the modem. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to fix serious heating problems.

Here are some of the best cooling fans that you can buy over the internet

1: Cooling Fan

Model name: Noctua NF-S12B Redux 1200

Features: Self-stabilizing oil-pressure bearing, RPM 400 – 1200

Availability: Check price

2: Cooling Fan

Model name: Corsair LL120 RGB

Features: Hydraulic bearing, RPM 600 – 1500, RGB lighting

Availability: Check price

3: Cooling Fan

Model Name: Cooler Master MF120R

Features: Rifle Bearing, RPM 650 – 2000,  RGB lighting, quiet

Availability: Check price

4: Cooling fan

Model Name: Noctua NF-A1x25 PWM

Features: Self-stabilizing oil-pressure bearing, RPM range 450 – 2000, High airflow

Availability: Check price

5: Cooling fan

Model Name: Scythe Kaze Flex 120 PWM

Features: Fluid Dynamic Bearing, Range 300 – 1200, Durable cable

Availability: Check price

Place your device on hard and flat surfaces

Your modem should be placed on a hard and flat surface like a table. Heat can escape through hard surfaces easily rather than soft surfaces. We also recommend you mount your modem on the wall so that it can emit out heat easily.


Modems have a long life if you use them properly and if your modem getting hot. You can use the methods given above to solve the issue easily and prevent it from overheating. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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