In order to be a good businessman, it is necessary to get good customer reviews online. As you know, the customer is the king of the market. Therefore, the opinions of customers play an important role in building a strong reputation. Because of these reputations, people get a better idea about the quality of a product or service. Reviews also signify how a company help center deals with issues that are arising. In this blog, we will discuss the topic of ‘My reviews on google find and manage.’

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How Do I Manage My Google Reviews?

My reviews on google find and manage

Google will not allow any reviews that will divert you away from the product or is too personal. Apart from these restrictions, anyone can leave a review on a product or service. You have the option to manage your Google reviews from Google Maps or Google My Business. The person who is writing the review has the sole ability to modify, change the information or delete the review. Let’s move on to the topic of ‘My reviews on google find and manage.’ The ways to use Google Maps and Google My Business on a PC and a mobile device are as follows:

Using Google Maps

  • Firstly, Open it on your system.
  • Secondly, go to
  • Enter the name of your business. Click on Search or press Enter.
  • Tap on Reviews.
  • When you see a review on which you want to reply, click on Reply and add the necessary information.
On mobile
  • Firstly, open Google Maps on your smartphone.
  • Now use the Search option to enter your business name. You also have the option to tap on three horizontal lines in the top left.
  • Click on your Business Profile.
  • Then tap on Reviews.
  • Lastly, click Reply on that review and write the information.

Using Google My Business

On Computer
  • Firstly, go to and sign in.
  • Click ‘Reviews’ that you can see in the left menu for single listings.
  • When you see the review you wish to reply to then click on Reply.
  • Lastly, write your response and post it.
On mobiles
  • Firstly, open the app of Google My Business.
  • Tap on Customers and Reviews.
  • When you see the review you wish to reply to then tap to select it.
  • Lastly, write your response and post it.

All the responses are publicly viewable as coming from your business. Users get a notification that they have received a reply on their review. Then, they can read the reply and edit their review if they want.

Why Can’t I See My Review on Google?

  • Google puts reviews in a queue. As a result, it may take various days before a reviews information is available to read and edit by the reviewer.
  • After sharing reviews, you can help other customers. Then, you will be able to find how many individuals check your reviews.
  • Now head to Your Contributions in Google Maps and click on ‘reviews’.
  • You will see the number of views on top of the screen. It will also show you how many individuals have liked your reviews.
  • You can know that there is a delay by seeing that you have several reviews, yet the total amount you can see is less.

The reasons you are unable to see your reviews on Google are as follows:

  • The customer did not write the review: There are times when consumers don’t have a Google account. Then the Google asks them to create one but they cancel what they were doing.
  • Poor spelling and grammar: Google help centre filters poorly written reviews because of spelling and grammar.

My reviews on google find and manage

In this section we will discuss ‘ My reviews on google find .’ Sometimws Google removes a review which it will vanish forever. There are a few reasons behind deleting Google reviews that are as follows:

  • URLs in the review: The system can think it as a spam. Thus, URL can trigger the removal of reviews.
  • Phone numbers in review: Putting a phone number in a review is a sign of spam, and it can get the system to remove the review. Removal can also happen due to the mention of an email address.
  • Duplicates: Removal cam happen when the review is same word to word of another area. The, it will be up for deletion on Google My Business.


We hope that our blog on ‘My reviews on google find and manage’, helps you in solving all your queries related to it. Thank you for reading our blog!

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