For uninterrupted internet access, people tend to lean towards modem. But sometimes these modems do break down and if the break down is sudden, the problem could be many different things. So, here we are to discuss different Symptoms of a bad modem. One of the main problems could be the wire connection maybe your modem has outlived and maybe you need a new one.

The most important sign that you need to watch out for is when it stops all of a sudden. Or when its light doesn’t turn on properly when you try to re-connect your wiring. If your modem is completely unresponsive is a sign that your modem is permanently damaged.

Basically, modems are not created to last a lifespan. After so much regular use there is bound to be wear and tear in the internal components. And this is also why you can start to experience a drop in connections. Also, due to heavy usage modem can overheat, and due to overheating there can be a premature deterioration of your modem. So, let’s jump into action and explain the Symptoms of a bad modem in a little detail.

Symptoms of a bad modem

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How to identify Symptoms of a bad modem

Indicator lights

Indicator lights

Modern modems and routers all come with indicator lights that provide you with different statuses of your modem. Many lights are showing different things like power, Ethernet connections, LAN/WAN connections, and firmware updates. The most important light that you should look out for is the data transfer light. This light should glow whenever you are surfing the internet. Also, if the light goes bad and you are still getting access to the internet it means that your internet is about to go bad. Sometimes the main villain is the electrical power outrage. You need to fix this issue by changing the power source of your modem. Power sockets generally blow up due to electrical outrage so you will know what is the main cause of your modem not working.

Sudden Stoppage of Modem Functions

One day you are surfing through your internet smoothly and then all of a sudden your modem goes out this can be a sure short sign of your modem is going bad. Many times it can result due to interruptions of the power cables which you can easily reconnect. But, if all the connections are in their place but your modem is still not powering up then it is the sign that your modem has gone completely bad. And if the router goes bad it makes more sense than you just replace it rather than repairing it. If you repair it there might be a chance that the problem will come back after some time. But if you replace it you get a new modem with previously problems completely solved.

Slow data transfers

This is also one of the major signs that your modem is heading towards the end of the line when your data transfer gets slower. So, if you have been downloading at high speed and all of a sudden the download speed is low and slow then the issue could be with the modem. But do not come to a immediate conclusion that your modem has gone bad. Slow transfers can also due to bad networks and also due to conjusted bandwidth.

Varied Connection speeds

If you are using one of those DSL modem you know that it is going bad if you keep getting varied connection speeds. At one point you are downloading at the speed of 100Mbps then then the next moment you are getting no internet at all. If the problem still persists if you are downloading large files or downloading videos. Also, if you are struggling with the buffering issues while streaming movies then this is the sign that your modem could be going bad.

Software Popups

While you are on the internet surfing on your computer if you see a window constantly poping up that your “network cable is unplugged”. Then my friend you are dealing with a serious issue of your modem slowly dying and going bad. If the problem persists even if you have checked and rechecked your modem connections at different frequency. Then you need to change your modem right away.

Noisy Modem

When your modem gets noisy is the time you need to replace your modem with a new one. The noise persists even when you switch your modem off and on. Also, there might be a problem if you notice some noise whenever you connect them to a telephone jack. Whereas a good modem should perform as a normal modem whenever you restart the modem if some problem comes.


Average life span of a modem is 4 to 5 years. Also, there might be a chance you have to replace them sooner if there is a complete shutdown of the modem. So, here are some of the best symptoms of a bad modem. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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