Tech entrepreneurs have really changed how the world works, and have brought innovations no one could have imagined just a decade ago. Therefore, these creators are an excellent source of inspiration for you if you want to do something different and outstanding in life. Most of these people started with just their ideas, and are now multi-millionaires or even billionaires. In addition, they contribute to the betterment of the world and make life easier for others in their own ways. 

Tech Entrepreneurs

Whether you read about tech entrepreneurs online, or watch their interviews on your Cox cable connection, you should take some tips from them. Learn from their experiences to develop your own ideas and possible businesses. Not just that, you can even improve your personal life if you follow what these entrepreneurs say. After all, they’ve made it big in a highly competitive world where there are new tech ideas coming out every day. Therefore, you should look up to these people for inspiration. Here are a few you must follow to get the best tips and ideas. 

Sergey Brin – Google

Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford University, and that is where they came up with the idea of dynamic data mining, a precursor to the prevalent SEO technology today. They believed that the existing search technology could be massively improved, with relevance linked to how many other links contain a keyword. 

Brin later became the President of Alphabet Inc, a role which he relinquished in 2019. He is currently serving as a board member but has left the major running of the company to current CEO Sundar Pichai. But what truly makes him inspirational is his dedication to company culture. Google promotes innovation in its employees and encourages them to do side projects. In addition, he took no fixed salary in his role after a few years and tied his earnings to the company’s success. This commitment to employee welfare and organizational success is worth looking up to.  

Elon Musk – Tesla/SpaceX/Neuralink/The Boring Company

You’ve probably seen Elon Musk in the headlines for a variety of reasons. While these reasons may be good or bad, there’s no denying the sheer influence he has over the tech world. The recent controversy over his Dogecoin tweets is just one example of this. He basically affected the global cryptocurrency market with just his opinion. 

Musk developed this sort of influence over a long period of time after many failed ventures. His fame truly took off with Tesla and SpaceX, which have captured the human imagination very well. You should follow him on social media to see how he is unabashed about out-of-the-box ideas, and how he has made the ones that work succeed. 

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

The Facebook founder is undeniably one of the most influential people of the decade. What simply started as a way to connect with college pals, is now a major conglomerate with a strong influence over information and data. In fact, his company has prompted legislative changes in how we think about the influence of social media. 

Zuckerberg also has a number of philanthropic activities going on and aims to make the internet accessible to all parts of the world. As one of the youngest billionaires in the world, and with the amount of influence he has, you would do well if you follow him. 

Ma Huateng – Tencent

This Chinese entrepreneur co-founded Tencent, a gaming company, and is its CEO. This company has achieved massive success all across the world and is extremely popular in China. Tencent has been credited with taking mobile gaming to the next level, especially when these games were not taken that seriously. 

Over the years, Huateng expanded his business into e-commerce, media, entertainment, advertising, and online payments, diversifying his portfolio immensely. His work has made him the richest man in China and one of the strongest tech leaders in the world. 

Steve Huffman – Reddit

Who would have thought a simple forum would have blown up and become something so influential? Yet, that’s what happened with Reddit. Steve Huffman co-founded it with his college roommates Alexis Ohanian and Aaron Schwartz. After selling it for millions in 2006, he moved his attention to other pursuits. 

He is a major campaigner for net neutrality rules, and on the board of advisers for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for tech entrepreneurs and Society. An entrepreneur with a conscience, Huffman is worth following.  

Melanie Perkins – Canva

Canva has changed how design works and has allowed everyone to unleash their design potential without having to hire special resources. If you own a business, you’ve probably used Canva, and you have Melanie Perkins to thank for this convenience. 

She aimed to make design accessible for everyone and created what is now a multi-billion dollar company. Her entrepreneurship journey is an example of how something so simple and altruistic can be a massive success. If you aim to solve an issue people face, you are bound to be successful. 

In conclusion, these are a few of the top tech entrepreneurs you should follow. Of course, your own entrepreneurship journey will be quite different, but you can take inspiration.

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