Telegram is a very popular instant messaging application, working similarly to WhatsApp. There are around a 700million plus active users on this platform. It has similar instant messaging features like sending messages, streaming videos, sound files, and other different content to anyone. It though requires a phone number which it verifies for registration. Therefore, it is quite complicated to use telegram without any number. But, anyways in this post, I will tell you ways in which we can use Telegram without Phone Number.


A very popular instant messaging app, it is also one of the simplest services out there which take care of their user’s privacy. And, there hasn’t been any controversy regarding privacy as of yet, thus making it a formidable secure platform to use. But, still, there are people who don’t want to make public their personal information or their private phone number for verifying their account.

So, in that case, we have devised some ways to bypass this security hurdle in Telegram. And, get ready to use Telegram without Phone Number.

Telegram without Phone Number

Use Telegram Without Phone Number

If you’re expecting that we will get a Telegram account without employing a telephone number, then you’ve got to tug out your expectations here as, without a telephone number, you can’t get a Telegram account. That is you need a number (any phone number for that matter to verify your identity, it may or may not be yours). This is done to ensure a bot-free Telegram. So, we see that a number is only needed to finish the verification process which hardly requires only a few seconds.

Hence, simply for verification purposes, there are numerous methods that you can use to get a short-lived telephone number for yourself and verify the account. So, let’s see how do we do it.

The TextNow App

Textnow, a service that gives free phone numbers for making and receiving calls and SMS. It has an app both for Android and iOS, though it is also accessible through its website. But, in hindsight, it’s comparatively easier to use the App version because of a great many other functionalities present there. To use it :

  • You only got to create an account thereon through Google, Facebook, or Email.
  • Once you create your account, you then got to choose a neighborhood code.
  • Here, you’ve got to enter any US code as this app only provides US country numbers.
  • Try out the numbers present there and if you are lucky you may get a valid number which you could use to register and verify your Telegram account with.
Telegram without Phone Number

The GoDaddy SmartLine — Helping you use Telegram without Phone Number

Godaddy Smartline is a service provided by Godaddy, the leading domain seller within the market. This service provides you a US telephone number that you simply can use for receiving calls and text messages not only for verification except for general use also. You’ll access your number through their Godaddy Smartline App anytime you would like to use it. So, let’s see the method of doing it using Godaddy Smartline :

  • Firstly, visit the GoDaddy Smartline website.
  • Then, enter a neighbourhood US code.
  • Once you enter the country code, you’ll redirect to a replacement page where you’ll find all the available numbers as per the world code you’ve got entered.
  • Now from there, choose the choicest phone number that you would like to use.
  • GoDaddy Smartline is not a free service though, but still it gives a one month free trial which you simply avails by creating a trial account on the eponymous app.
  • Log in thereon app from your account, and you’ll now be ready to get use your telephone number .
  • Now you’ll use this number for registering on Telegram, and it’ll work perfectly fine.


This is an SMS activation website. Here you’ll get not only US country numbers but many of the opposite countries also. This website may be a full-featured website with options for therefore many websites registration.

  • You only need to select the country whose number you would like .
  • Remember, this is often a paid service, in order that they charge you for numbers individually.
  • But believe me, this is often better than the other free website.
  • You only need to choose the service you would like to use.
  • In our case, it’s Telegram, so after scrolling to the specified option, you’ll be ready to see the charge next thereto.
  • Choose that option, and you’ll be redirected to the payment page.
  • Pay the fees there, and you’ll get your number.
  • And, you can also register their number on Telegram and also verify.

The SecondLine App

This is a free app a bit like “TextNow”. It works similarly and also has an equivalent interface. But there could be the case if you’re unable to use TextNow due to some internal errors which that app usually gets, then you’ll search for this as its alternate. It works similarly and can get you the choicest number that you would like. And then, you’ll use it for signing abreast of the Telegram app.

Telegram without Phone Number

*** An important Note : — Be sure to delete these accounts after your purpose satisfies

It is to note that once we use a burner number, it eventually gets recycled again into the list of eligible numbers and can be used by any other person. This may cause harm to your personal data as that person may be able to gain access to your messages and account long after you’ve moved on using that number. Therefore, you should delete your burner account and number after verifying. In this way, your account remains safe.

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CONCLUSION — Telegram without Phone Number

In a nutshell, Telegram‘s ever-growing user population is due to its integrated, easy-to-access cloud storage, and the embedded state-of-the-art 256-bit encrypted data transferal & communication in the “Secret Chat” feature. These features make users feel completely in place and secure. We also know that Telegram doesn’t violate privacy as it doesn’t store and sell the user’s private data to any third-party server.

But, in spite of this assurance, people generally don’t like to share their numbers publicly and hence look for ways to use Telegram and other such services without their real phone numbers. Thus, we have given various methods to do so to help you in your quest.

Note: There are many other apps too which we haven’t mentioned but are easy to find. But, nevertheless, the apps and methods mentioned here are more than enough for your purpose. See-ya!! 🙂

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