While going through your text messages on SMS service or while scrolling down your Facebook feeds and posts, there’s a very good chance that you’ve come across a small rectangular box with OBJ written in it. It could even be a case where you’ll have posted something fancy with an enthralling emoji or two, but ended up ascertaining an OBJ box when you re-checked that post. If either of the above cases has been encountered by you on Facebook and other text services then this post is nothing but a must-read for you. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get our running shoes on and start with the topic What does OBJ Mean in Texting?

What does OBJ mean on Facebook?

OBJ a word that may sound a bit suspicious and unusual isn’t something to get confused about. It is an acronym for ‘object replacement character’, and in very simple words, it’s a denotation for the object.

Technically, each and everything that exists online is nothing but an object in itself and OBJ is simply a placeholder for the object that can’t be displayed on the screen.

What does OBJ symbol signify?

The OBJ box only appears as and when any particular character input from any software source isn’t recognizable by the software that your device is currently using. In cases, where the character input is non-recognizable, an object placeholder is put up instead. Though the Unicode (Universal Code of Characters) came up with an aim to overpower such technical glitches. Yet, there are instances when it also resigns.

Probable Reasons :

Let’s discuss the probable reasons for this one by one for a better understanding:

Software Bug
  • The most common reasong for OBJ symbol is software bugs.
  • OBJ error is generally there on iOS devices. But, if you’re experiencing it even on Android, then it is likely that your software have technical issues.
  • The best remedy for this is updating your Facebook app, and its font libraries.
  • In case that doesn’t work out, then you need to update your device’s OS.
What does obj mean in texting
Use of Voice-To-Text Function (iPhone)
  • If you’re an iPhone User and definitely use the Voice-To-Text Function to narrate content for your Facebook comments, posts, etc. Then also you may face this error for certain characters and codes which have not be able to be completely comprehensible by the Apple translator. Thereby, resulting in corrupt sequences.
  • It is solely a software issue on iOS devices and you can’t do much on that.
Updating the Emoji Library on Apple
  • One reason behind the display of OBJ symbol may be a process of updating emoji library by Apple.
  • The people that haven’t updated character library on their iPhone, might not be ready to see the new emojis.
  • Also, it has come to notice that the new emojis of Apple seem as OBJ on Android. All due to Android’s limited compatibility.

What does OBJ mean in Texting Slang ?

The [obj] or {obj} usually indicates something the program can’t correctly parse (means your text app has no idea what it indeed is, or what is it for). OBJ inside boxes signifies the program interprets it as such because of the Unicode replacement character of Object (“U65532”).

Obj may also refer to an Object file, which is an organized machine language file by a compiler with a .obj file extension.

SUMMING UP —- What does OBJ mean in Texting

We hope that you are now conscious of what’s OBJ on Facebook and also what does OBJ Mean in Texting? Hopefully, now you are also fully aware of the various methods to tackle this error and also not stressing about it. If you continue to have queries and are curious to know more. Do post it in comments and I will be as always ever-ready to clear them out. Until next time….. See-ya !!

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