To improve the wifi signal in your home, you can choose to incorporate a wifi extender. The device is easily affordable but the tricky part is finding the right for it in your house. A traditional router is incapable of giving enough wifi coverage in a big house. So, buy a wifi extender that will help you in eliminating dead zones in a big two-story building. Now let’s discuss ‘Where to place wi-fi extender in 2 story house?’ We recommend you place it on a high point for instance, near the ceiling of the first floor. Please ensure that the extender is halfway between your router and PC.

Where to place wi-fi extender in 2 story house

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Why does a two-story house require a wifi extender?

A two-story house is very big for a regular router to cover the entire house. So, using only a router will lead to experiencing dead spots in some areas like the basement or top floors. When you buy a wifi extender then it will cover those gaps and it will take the wifi signal to rebroadcast it. Many people use these extenders for their two-story houses for enhancing wifi coverage. However, it takes time to decide ‘Where to place wi-fi extender in 2 story house?’

Where to place wi-fi extender in 2 story house?

Where to place wi-fi extender in 2 story house

Create a floorplan of your home

The placement of the wifi extender is very important as it will determine how much wifi signal you will get. Therefore, place the extender at various places in your two-story house to find the best spot. We recommend you make a floorplan of your house by keeping in mind the location of your router. You have to find out those areas with the weakest signal and keep looking out at the AC outlets.

Identify the right location

You should place the wifi extender at high points in your two-story house so that it receives a better wifi signal. If you put the extender near the ceiling on the first floor, you will be able to give the house more coverage. On the other hand, if you place it on the floor of second floor then also it will eliminate dead spots in your two-story house.

After finding the right location, get a power outlet that you will find between your router and the region where the extender’s signal goes. Then, plug in the extender and read the instructions for linking it with the router. After the wifi extender starts operating, you have to check if the dead zones are getting a signal now. You can speed test for assessment of the bandwidth. Lastly, keep monitoring the colors on the wifi extender to gauge the internet connection.

List of colours with their meaning

Color on the extender Meaning
Solid amberGood connection
Solid greenBest connection
Solid redPoor connection
No colorNo connection

Utlizing an AC extension cord

In case you are struggling to find the best location for the wifi extender, you should use an AC extension that will help you in determining where the extender will work best. If there are adjustable antennas in your extender then reposition them for boosting the wifi signal. Some wifi extenders have removable antennas so you can try to swap them for enhancing their sensitivity. Many people use a wifi reflector for enhancing the signal in their two-story houses.

Consider other relevant factors

There are certain factors to keep in mind while you place a wifi extender in your two-story house. For instance, you have to focus on the extra height and materials used for making the ceilings and floors of your house. Some of the materials are plaster, steel, wood, etc. There are chances that these building materials absorb the wifi signal so it is better to get a connection by moving the extender close to the router. You should place the extender and router below or above each other in your two-story house for boosting the wifi signal.

Avoid obstacles

While looking for the best location for your wifi extender, you should certainly avoid any obstacles in your way. For instance, mirrors as they reflect the signal. Additionally, other objects like fridges, ovens, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc. This is because placing the wifi extender away from such objects will strengthen the wifi signal in the two-story house.

App Assistance

Every wifi extender contains its own software for helping you optimize its position. In case this is your first time with a wifi extender, we recommend you to get assistance from the software for locating the best place for the wifi extender. As an alternative option, you can use a stand-alone app to analyze the wifi signal. The most common app that everyone uses is the Home Wifi alert. This has the ability to show you the the speed of internet and the signal strength of your device.


In this blog of ‘Where to place wi-fi extender in 2 story house?’, we hope you found all the solutions to your problems. So, look for a higher place near the ceiling in your two-story house. Also, keep the extender at least halfway between your router and computer. Additionally, you should pay attention to other relevant factors and all will be good. Thank you for reading our blog!

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