In this blog we will talk about why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden. Although, Wireless routers has made our lives easier but there are different things that can affect the range and signal strength of your network. There are several different reasons that can make your Wi-Fi signal weak all of sudden. Let us provide you with one example like if your router is not properly positioned you may experience weak Wi-Fi signal. There are also times when too many devices connected on your internet can cause weak signals. So, without any further delay lets jump into action to know the reasons for why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden.

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How to fix Why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden?

1: You need to change the position of the router

You might experience weak signals when your router is poorly placed. Changing the position of the router might help you boost your Wi-Fi signal. Router has a range of 46 meters indoor. 46 meters mostly covers all the houses. But still how far it is from you matters. Also, remember that obstacles can easily with your Wi-Fi signal and thus you can receive weak signals. So, if your router is somewhere in the corner of the house try to change the position to more centralized location. There are some people who put there router next to their computer. You don’t have to do that just find a more centralized location.

2: Search for the equipment that may be weakening the Wi-Fi signal

While checking the location of the router also check for the equipments that might be interfering with your Wi-Fi signal. A wire-less Wi-Fi router works by sending radio frequencies to send and receive data. So, any items that use that type of frequencies may interfere with your Wi-Fi signal thus making it weak. So, if you have eqipments like wireless cameras, microwave, cordless phones or satellite TV receivers please remove them. Things like these work at the same frequencies as the wireless router and may result in poor signal.

3: Consider changing the router channel

Why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden

If you live in a apartment or in a area which is highly populated? Also, if most of the people near you use wireless routers this may be one of the reasons that weaken your Wi-Fi signal. In order to confirm this you need to go to your computer and try to check the number of signals that are in range. If you see a large amount of networks in range then that might be the cause of weak signal to your network. If you want to remove the interference you can do that by changing the router’s channel. When you change the channel of your router it will operate on different frequency than other hence no interference. In order to change the channel go through the router’s manual.

Minimize the number of devices you connect to your wireless network

There are times when too many devices are connected to the network they can weaken your WI-Fi signal. If the devices are for online gaming or for streaming videos then they use a lot bandwidth resulting in poor signal strength. Try disconnecting some of the devices that you don’t use frequently from the network. If your router is a good one then it can help you automate this process. This features allows you to prioritize certain operations which in turn help you to minimize the bandwidth.

Adjust the antenna

Why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden

Sometimes the issue is related to the connection problem. In this situation what you can do is adjust the direction of antennas that can help you boost signals. There are people who belive that the antennas should always be vertically set but it is not the case always. You can boost your Wi-Fi signal by trying to set them in different directions for example perpendicularly. If you have a 2.4GHz router try to create a L-shaped form with your multiple antennas. And if you have 5GHz processor try flattening them to get a better Wi-Fi signal.

Get a new router

If you using the same router for ages it may be time you get a new one because that might be reason for your poor signal. This is because the old routers work on less efficient technologies. Throught out there use they develop problems like overheating which may cause the issue of poor signal strength. They also don’t have good output to boost the Wi-Fi range. So, if you are using a old one consider getting a new router to boost your overall wireless network.


There are numerous reasons for Why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden. First try to check what is the cause of the problem. In order to solve the problem and check out this blog to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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