The Amazon Fire TV Stick/Remote has found its way in numerous households with the advent of technology; when the cable is becoming obsolete by the day and is being continuously overtaken by technological advancements. This device allows you to stream in 4K from popular websites like Netflix and Hulu. And, it comes with Alexa voice prompts that make it easy to use and incorporate in an Amazon-driven smart home ecosystem. Despite the convenience factor, there are various technical difficulties that users have run into when using their Fire TV Stick remotes, like experiencing flashing blue lights. So, we will discuss the Blue light on Fire Stick Remote in this post.


The blue light on the Amazon Fire TV Remote is nothing; but signifying that your Alexa button has been pushed on. Pushing and holding this button allows users to use voice commands. However, if the remote remains unresponsive, we need to pair it again by holding the house button for 10 seconds.

Once you’re ready to get your Fire TV Stick remote working normally, you’ll be ready to enjoy the advantages of content streaming once more. So, let’s get ahead with the topic about the blue light on Fire Stick Remote.

Blue Light on Fire Stick Remote

As we start with the topic, first and foremost we should know that there’s a big difference between a blinking blue light and a solid blue light on your Fire TV remote.

Note that, when the blue light is solid, Alexa is expecting your command. We can command Alexa by saying things like, “Alexa, play Black Widow on Netflix”. When the blue light is flashing, it indicates that the Alexa button has been pressed, but it won’t be listening for a command.

On several occasions, you’ll notice that your Fire TV Stick remote has this flashing blue light. So, we need to continue holding the Alexa button until the flashing blue light turns to a solid blue light. After it turns so, we can voice our commands.

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Things to do when Blue light flashes

The idea of holding the Alexa button until the flashing blue light turns to a solid blue light and thereafter, voice our commands; might work sometimes and might not work at other times. But don’t worry, there are a couple of other ways to undertake and fix the problem:

  • Unplug the hearth TV Stick and take the batteries out of the remote for 30 seconds.
  • Then, plug the hearth TV Stick back to your TV or monitor and re-assemble your remote.
  • Try pairing the remote again.
  • To pair with the TV, hold the house button for 10 seconds until the sunshine starts blinking.
  • Once the sunshine stops blinking, the remote should be functioning correctly once more.
  • Restart the device by holding down the Play/Pause button and therefore the Select button together for five seconds.
Blue light on Fire Stick Remote

Note: If all else fails, you will need to call/email Amazon and see if they’ll offer you a replacement. If you’re under warranty, you ought to be ready to get a replacement. If not, it’s still worth a try since some companies will admit that there’s a defect with their product and can honor a replacement to stay your business.

Meanings of other lights on the Amazon Fire Stick Remote

We have by now come to know about the Blue light. The solid blue light and the Flashing blue light. Now, that we have covered discussing the blue light, it’d help to know about other lights that may be visible on the Fire TV Stick remote:

  • Blue Light blinking around 3 times implies that the device has been paired successfully.
  • If the amber light is blinking in a slow manner it implies the device has still not been able to pair.
  • Finally, the continuously glowing red light impies that your device has low battery.
Blue light on Fire Stick Remote


Having a sensible device clunk out on you’ll be a frustrating experience. They’re there to make your life easier, after all. However, with a more technologically advanced device comes more technologically advanced issues, and it’s a neighborhood of transitioning into the smart world to find out the way to solve these problems.

The Amazon TV Fire Stick remote is supposedly there to ease your life. And, the problems associated with the blue light might be troublesome. But, the solutions thereto are all relatively simple. Hope that this post helps you in your endeavor.

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